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Resources for Clinical Faculty (CF)

Resources for Clinical Faculty (CF)

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Help ensure that the next generation of physicians has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to provide high-quality, patient-centered care. Welcome them into your office and find out how satisfying it is to be a role model and mentor. 

If you are interested in joining PNWU as a Preceptor/Clinical Faculty (CF), please complete either version of the application:

Benefits for Clinical Faculty

  • Continuing Medical Education (CME) Opportunities
    Approved CF with active agreements may be able to earn CME credits for precepting third- and fourth-year PNWU medical students. 

  • Subscription to Teaching Physician Website -
    The Teaching Physician website is a just-in-time resource for community preceptors and faculty that offers content written to help them precept medical students.  It offers videos, quick tips, answers to frequently asked questions, and links to in-depth information on topics such as: Orienting a learner, Precepting principles, Teaching strategies, and more. Up to 40.5 CME credits may be obtained by viewing the videos.   To access, log-in using the shared username and password provided to you by PNWU. Be sure to enter each character by typing rather than a copy and paste method.
    Note: Clinical faculty are registered for Teaching Physician upon faculty appointment. For registration questions, please contact

  • Scholarly activity / Research support– Due to the recent changes in ACGME merger and the requirements for scholarly activity, we understand that having research support is essential for some smaller D.O. programs.  Thus, the PNWU Office of Scholarly Activity (OSA) is here to help you along the way with protocol, funding, biostats, personnel, and connection support to help meet your research needs.  Please contact OSA at to see how we can help you today.

Recommended PNWU Training for student documentation in the medical record

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PNWU Library Resources for Clinical Faculty

AFP by Topic Online:

List of medical software applications for family physicians:

AACOM:  TOPCE-Training Osteopathic Primary Care Educators.
Teaching requires unique skills, which can be taught. TOPCE is a starting point for anyone who wants to teach people to become medical professionals. TOPCE programs occur at national conferences like the AACOM Annual Meeting, the AOA OMED Conference, and local meetings at individual schools. There are also web resources, and resource pages that point people to other resources that could help in learning the skills needed to be a good educator.

Topics covered by TOPCE include effective precepting, how to provide feedback to your students, the role of assessment in education and how to effectively provide summative and formative assessments for students. And scholarship and research for faculty at colleges of osteopathic medicine are covered in the TOPCE programs. Personalized programs for helping faculty members become better teachers can be developed in partnership with TOPCE faculty. Learn more ...

AACOM: Introduction to Osteopathic Medicine for Non-DO Faculty Osteopathic Medical Education

Office of Scholarly Activity