Clinical Rotation - Puyallup

Clinical Rotation - Puyallup

Regional Site Staff

Regional Assistant Dean:
Van Pham, MD

Regional Site Administrator:
Jennifer Enfield

Demographic Information

Fitness/recreation areas available in the region:
There are unlimited gyms, trails, and sport teams to participate in. From hiking to biking, to Frisbee golf and knitting groups! You can find your fit!!

There are numerous apartment complexes in the region. Depending on where you want to live check with the chamber of commerce for suggestions.

Length of time region has been training with PNWU students:
Our first PNWU students rotated in 2011.

Preceptor/Rotation Information

4th year electives that have been successful in this region depending on availability:
Most any subspecialty is available in the region, but some are more of a challenge to schedule than others!

Number of preceptors credentialed with PNWU to teach CORE rotations: 

Currently we have 117 active faculty members within the region.

D.O. preceptors in the region (approx.):About 30%

M.D. preceptors in the region (approx.):About 70%

Rotations that may provide inpatient experience:
Internal Medicine, Surgery, ICU, Psych, Radiology, PM&R

Rotation challenges in the region based on availability:
Pediatrics & some subspecialties.

Do students/learners from other schools rotate in the region?

Is there integration of other schools with PNWU students?
Sometimes. Not usually very often.

Residencies available in the region that PNWU students are involved in (didactics, rotations, etc.):
Yes, family medicine

Opportunities to practice OMM:
Yes. Most providers are open to it even if they do not practice it.

Didactics Information

Didactic Information:
Didactics are held twice a month at Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup, every other Thursday afternoon from 3-5pm. Once a month students are encouraged to join attendings and residents at Grand Rounds as well. We spend part of the time doing student presentations and other portion is a teaching from Dr. Pham and/or other providers.

Other learning opportunities in addition to PNWU didactics include:
None provided

Core (3rd year) rotations available within driving distance (1 hour or 50 miles) of the didactics site?
Yes, all core rotations are available in the regions. There are some that are available outside the 50 mile/1 hour radius from our core site, but they are assigned only when needed and/or requested by a student.

Additional Information

Region strengths:
Location, location, location

Why might a student choose this region over another?
Beautiful faculty and surroundings! Great place to live and learn.

Student/Resident Information:
Number of OMS3 Students Rotating in Region:   16
Number of OMS4 Students Rotating in Region:   12
Alumni in Residency Programs (Washington totals):   152
Alumni practicing in the regions (Washington totals):   86
% of PNWU-COM matriculations from regions (Washington totals):   50%​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Additional information:
We have high expectations. We have amazing preceptors and want to continue to send them great students.