Teaching Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Effective communication is critial for teaching and learning, and ommunicating expectations to learners, breaking down barriers to learning, and maintaining a safe and suppportive learning environment are important parts of the process.

Goal is to teach and communicate effectively.  Specific competencies within this domain include:

  • Clearly communicate expectations to the learner
  • Tailor precepting style to the needs of the learner 
  • Identify barriers to learning 
  • Maintain a safe learning environment for the student (ie. approachable, supportive, encouraging, self-aware)
  • One-Minute Learner model
    • Drs. Hofmann and Cohen-Osher have developed a model to frame the initial conversations between preceptor and student
    • This conversation is engineered to improve communication and enhance satisfaction of both parties as a student becomes familiar with the specific clinical environment for each new rotation.
    • One-Minute Learner Article
  • Diversity and inclusion information