Student Event Requests

There are many opportunities at PNWU to be involved with student events. Any student organized event, whether it is held on the PNWU campus or off-campus in the surrounding community must be approved by Student Affairs. This includes, but is not limited to any club or SGA meeting, event, presentation, seminar, exhibit, fundraiser, guest-speaker, workshop, certification course, volunteer experience, etc.

Please make sure to submit your event request with at least seven business days advance notice to ensure room availability. Last minute event requests are not guaranteed to be approved. 

Once your event is completed, you will need to submit a student event summary report.  These reports are required by the University, and is due within one-week of the completion of your event. 

Alcohol Approval:
Alcohol may only be served at events with prior permission from the University president. If you are requesting to serve alcohol at your event, you will need to fill out an Approval for Alcohol Use Form

Please allow at least 2-3 weeks for processing. Your event request will not be able to be processed until you turn in all materials that are required on the application.

Flyers or promotional materials:
If you will be using flyers or promotional materials for your event, please email a PDF file format of your flyer to for approval before distributing. If you would like to use the PNWU logo on any flyers or event materials (fundraising items, etc.) you must have it approved by the department listed below.  A written approval must be sent to Student Affairs, before we are able to process your event request.

All donations must be approved by the Development department. You must have written approval of your fundraising items sent to Student Affairs before we are able to process your event request.

PNWU Logo Use:
All use of the PNWU logo or name on flyers, merchandise, clothing, etc. must be pre-approved by the Marketing and Communications Department.  Students must obtain approval for use by emailing

Electronic Display:
If you would like to display your flyer on the electronic display, please send a pdf of your flyer to

Facilities Requests:
Upon receipt of notification from Student Affairs that your event has been approved, you will be provided a form from facilities to request any special services for your event (extra garbage cans, table set-up, opening the wall of the BHH auditorium, etc.).

Information Technology: 
Any specific technology and or media equipment that you need for your event should be arranged by emailing as soon as you have received your event request approval.

If your event involves reserving the BHH Field or BHH Parking lot or requires extra security, please contact Brent Perrin at

If you have any questions regarding your student event request, please contact the Student Affairs office at 509-249-7724 or email