Union Gospel Mission (UGM)

The Yakima Union Gospel Mission (UGM) Medical Clinic is dedicated to providing free primary medical care and urgent care services to individuals and families experiencing hardships and difficulty accessing health care.

Union Gospel Mission (UGM)

The Yakima Union Gospel Mission (UGM) Medical Clinic is dedicated to providing free primary medical care and urgent care services to individuals and families experiencing hardships and difficulty accessing health care. First and second year osteopathic medical students at PNWU have the unique opportunity to help the Union Gospel Mission achieve their goals by volunteering to work alongside a community physician. This allows students to enhance their abilities to perform a physical exam, gather a medical history, perform osteopathic manipulation techniques, and practicing giving case presentations.

Through their efforts in the clinic, PNWU students are able to work towards increasing the health and wellness of the members of their community that need it the most as well as become more adept and aware of the complexities of working with a disadvantaged minority population that can only speak limited English. Students find spending time at the clinic also serves to recharge their batteries from the demanding rigors of medical school studies and reminds them why they chose the path of medicine in the first place.

Volunteer Co-Directors: Manuel Rodriguez, Laura Hufford and Phillip Morrill


Please watch the UGM video before going into clinichere


  1. All clinics are located at the main UGM Medical Clinic 1300 N 1st Street, Yakima, WA  9890  The new clinic is now in the same building as the dental clinic to the right as you drive through the parking lot. Please park around back in the gated area.
  2. We need to have proof of your BLS certification and you MUST be approved by Student Affairs before you volunteer.
  3. The clinic is making some changes, which includes arranging for volunteers to have badges to enter the building and sign in at the beginning of your shift.  In order to get your badge and volunteer, you MUST sign-up as a UGM volunteer.
  4. After being approved by Student Affairs, UGM asks that you sign-up as a volunteer using:


Please fill-out this application (USING YOUR PNWU EMAIL) PRIOR to volunteering. After you sign-up as a volunteer, you must complete and upload a background check form (found here), a volunteer agreement form (found here), and a professional picture of yourself (for your badge). Send an e-mail confirmation to the UGM co-directors once you have completed these steps. All of your volunteer hours will be tracked on this website. You can access your account and your hours here

  1. When you arrive at clinic please log into the binder behind the front desk titled PNWU VOLUNTEER SIGN-IN and pick up your UGM badge. 
  2. As always, please feel free to contact the PNWU-UGM Co-Directors if you have any questions - Talya 575-447-7148 tjeffrey@pnwu.edu and Carson 415-300-6091 ctwiss@pnwu.edu.

PLEASE BRING / WEAR: Formal clothes or scrubs with closed toed shoes, your ID badge, your stethoscope, a water bottle, and a snack if you think you need it. 

VOLUNTEERING ROLES: Generally, there are three roles when volunteering: Intake, Translator, and Student Doctor. Even though you sign up for one role, you can work with your fellow volunteers to rotate roles during a shift. 

  • The free clinic has limited staff and rely on your help and participation to serve the underserved of this community. During your volunteer time, you can further provide support by helping with restock and organizing. As a result, UGM asks that you spend 50% of your volunteer time helping to restock/organize in the clinic and 50% of your time as a student doctor or with intake
  • As you come into the clinic, please ask the receptionist for a specific task to work on. You may be handed a list of things to work on or asked to reorganize/restock the clinic. After completing these tasks, you may serve in your role as a student doctor or help with intake
  • Intake involves helping patients fill out their intake forms and taking vitals. 
  • Most of the patients are Spanish speaking, so if you have any Spanish speaking background we could definitely use your help with translating! 
  • As a student doctor, your roles may vary depending on what tasks the providers and clinic staff could use help with. On OMT nights, you can assist the OPP fellows/Dr. Johnson/Dr. Coleman with diagnosing, treating, and scribing. During other shifts, your tasks may include assisting with procedures and physical exams, cleaning and sterilizing rooms and equipment, and helping the front desk.


  1. You will receive 1 strike if:
  • You do not contact the UGM Co-Directors regarding any changes or cancelations within 48 hours of your shift.
  • You do not find a replacement for your shift.
  1. You are ineligible for any further UGM Signups after 3 strikes.

Other Information:

Alondra Garibay, NP and Dr. Ryan Crafts are the directors of the clinic. Sometimes they may have additional tasks you can complete for them, just ask. You can also keep in touch with them on the UGM Medical Clinic Facebook Page here for any non-urgent questions. 

Please remember because the clinic revolves around physicians volunteering their time, sometimes the schedule changes unexpectedly. We will do our best notifying you if a shift is canceled, but please be flexible and keep that in mind. 

Also, please remember to log your volunteer TOUCH Hours here: https://www.trackitforward.com/site/pnwu-com

Thank you for volunteering!  We hope that you have an awesome experience!


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