Student Government Association (SGA)

The PNWU Student Government Association (SGA) is the official voice for students.

Student Government Association

The PNWU Student Government Association (SGA) is the official voice for students.  SGA is open to all students and welcomes proposals and participation from the entire student body.  SGA is responsible for dispersing funds for student activities, acting as a liaison for the student body, promoting health care professions, supporting club and classroom activities, and working to improve the quality of life for all PNWU students.  Student Affairs is responsible for providing the support for these associations or organizations.

Please find the SGA Constitution and Bylaws by clicking the links below:

Student Government Association Elected Officers for 2020-2021

SGA Executive Council Executive President Dua Khan
  Executive Vice President Sarah Moritz
  Executive Secretary Jaimie Fong
  Executive Treasurer Andrew Gurewitz
Class of 2021 Council President Jamie Whisler
  VP of Student Affairs Megan Haughton
  VP of Academic Affairs Josh Stanfield
  Secretary-Treasurer Rebecca Bolla
Class of 2022 Council President Alan Boyd
  VP of Student Affairs Katie Ferguson
  VP of Academic Affairs Ian Smith
  Secretary-Treasurer Katya Trousset
Class of 2023 Council President Kim Nguyen
  VP of Student Affairs Sierra Bertolone-Smith
  VP of Academic Affairs Stephen Wu
  Secretary-Treasurer Palvinder Garcha
  Senator for Campus Programs Hannah Little
  Senator for Administrative Services Paige Almond
  Senator for Legislative Affairs Matthew Braun
  Senator for Public Relations James Hofmeister
  Senator for Diversity and Inclusion Oak Sonfist
Class of 2024 Council President Maxwell Finch
  VP of Student Affairs Joshua Christianson
  VP of Academic Affairs Raymandeep Aujla
  Secretary-Treasurer Kelsey Shea
  Senator for Campus Programs Priya McBride
  Senator for Administrative Services Ratka Galijot
  Senator for Legislative Affairs Jasmeen Pooni
  Senator for Public Relations Harsukhjit Deol
  Senator for Diversity and Inclusion Sumeet Aujla
Alumni Board Alumni President Keith Petersen '12
  Alumni Vice President Andrea Payne Osterlund '12
  Alumni Secretary/Treasurer Alainna Simson '17
  Alumni Past President Dr. Courtney Kennel '12
  Alumni Resident Representative Ben Keggi '17
  Alumni Board Member Ben Benitez '17
  Alumni Board Member Evgeny Bistrika '17
  Alumni Board Member Lauren Delana '17
  Alumni Board Member Jarrad Morgan '16
  Alumni Board Member Steven Pinther '15
  Alumni Board Member Erica Swenson '14
  Alumni Board Member Jeff Pryor '12


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