White Coat Ceremony

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Dear Class of 2024,

I always look forward to greeting each class upon its’ arrival on campus; to welcome you, to congratulate you, and to speak with you about how you’re the right students, at the right place, and at the right time. In early August I’ll have the privilege of delivering such a greeting, albeit virtually.

Today I have the unfortunate responsibility to notify you that we, regrettably, will not be able to conduct our White Coat Ceremony in August, as planned.

This ceremony is a highlight of the academic year, and recognizes your transition into a new identity: physicians-in-training. It is a wonderful ceremony, during which you are “coated” by the faculty as new Student Doctors.

We are postponing the ceremony until such time as we can all gather together at one of Yakima’s jewels, The Capitol Theatre. I realize that some medical schools will be conducting a virtual ceremony, but this is such an impactful ceremony, that we prefer for it to occur in-person.  If the pandemic continues unabated well into the semester’s end, we will then have no choice but to conduct a virtual ceremony.  

During Orientation Week, you will have the opportunity to introduce yourselves to your classmates, faculty, and staff, on an individual video clip. And yes, wearing a white coat.

I look forward to meeting PNWU’s thirteenth entering class of osteopathic medical students. Please travel safely, enjoy your time off responsibly, and prepare for the initial phase of your medical education as Student Doctors!

Respectfully yours,

Dr. Scandalis


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