Library Donations

The library accepts donated books, journals, and other media that enhance its collection and support the mission of the University.

The library accepts donated books, journals, and other media that enhance its collection and support the mission of the University. Anyone wishing to make a donation should contact library staff during business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.). While we deeply appreciate the thought behind every gift, space constraints prevent us from keeping all donated materials. In accordance with our Library Donations Policy, we accept books no older than five years and journals no older than ten years. Initial acceptance of an item does not guarantee it will be added to—or retained in—the collection. Books and materials not added to our library collection may be offered to PNWU students and faculty, exchanged with other libraries, sold, or recycled.

What to donate

What not to donate

  • Outdated textbooks or journals (see above)

  • Heavily underlined/annotated books

  • Laboratory manuals or workbooks

  • Newspapers and newsletters

  • Reprints of journal articles

  • Odd or sample issues of journals

  • Material in poor condition (e.g., water or smoke damaged, moldy, mildewed, warped, brittle or missing pages, missing or damaged covers or spines)

If you are not sure your gift meets our guidelines, please contact us. Donations are tax deductible, and you will receive a letter of acknowledgment from PNWU. Internal Revenue Code prohibits us from placing a monetary value on in-kind donations, so please consult your tax professional for valuation advice. 

Other Places to Donate Used Books

Goodwill, Northwest Center, Salvation Army, Yakima Valley Libraries. For donation of medical textbooks, refer to this guide from the American Medical Student Association.

Other ways to support the Library

  • Monetary Gifts

Monetary gifts for purchase of library materials are greatly appreciated. For more information about making a monetary gift to the Library, refer to Ways to Give.

  • Donate a Journal

Some students, faculty, and community members choose to donate their personal copies of journals or purchase a subscription for the Library. Please refer to this list of preferred journals. If you are interested in gifting one of these titles or another journal, please contact the Library. 

  • Book Drive

Throughout the year we accept donations of gently used nonmedical books to send to Better World Books for resale. Accepted materials include, but are not limited to, children’s books, fiction and nonfiction works, cookbooks, travel guides, audio books, and foreign language books. Proceeds from online sales benefit the PNWU Library and our literacy partner, Books for Africa. Contact Mary Giovanini for more information on this program.

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