Thank a Donor Day

Thank a Donor Day Recognizes Philanthropy at PNWU.

Thank a Donor Day Recognizes Philanthropy at PNWU

Last week, PNWU’s development team hosted “Thank a Donor Day.” The event aimed to recognize the generosity of our community, and to celebrate those who give generously to PNWU. Throughout the event, PNWU students, faculty and staff were encouraged to stop by, enjoy some snacks and write “thank you” cards to current and future PNWU donors, recognizing their contributions, highlighting the impact of their generosity, and thanking them for their support of our mission.

“The event went great,” said Kaitlyn Porter, PNWU Director of Development for Annual Giving, “Haley Heitzman (OMS II) was my hype-man for part of the event because she has a great understanding of the importance of fundraising and thanking donors.”

In the end, students wrote over 50 notes of thanks to PNWU donors.

“Days like this help provide students with an opportunity to ask questions, learn about who our donors are and what they give to,“ explained Porter. “It helps to build a culture of philanthropy on campus so folks know the value of giving and the impact it has at PNWU. Without the incredible support of our community, PNWU would not exist. ‘Thank a Donor Day’ offers a chance for our students to reach out and share a quick 'thank you' or personal stories with our donors. In the end, students are at the heart of everything our donors do, so those messages mean the most.”

Going forward, Porter hopes to host Thank a Donor Day once or twice annually.