Sierra Hollar Appointed to Task Force

Sierra Hollar Appointed to ACOI Osteopathic Integration Task Force

Sierra Hollar Appointed to ACOI Osteopathic Integration Task Force

Sierra Hollar, OMS II, was recently appointed to the American College of Osteopathic Internists’ (ACOI) Osteopathic Integration Task Force. According to the ACOI’s website, the organization hopes to serve as the group osteopathic internists think of first for education, information, representation and service to the profession.

“I’m very exited — and a little bit nervous — about such an awesome opportunity and responsibility,” said Hollar, who first learned about the committee while attending an ACOI conference last October.

“There was a lot of talk during the conference about how to get more students involved, and what they could be doing to help DO students professionally,” she explained.

Capitalizing on the opportunity to lend her voice, Hollar decided to approach the organization about the opportunity to contribute. Ultimately, she received word from ACOI President Sam Snyder, DO, and the ACOI Board of Directors that she had been selected to serve a term on the Osteopathic Integration Task Force.

“Already she is emerging as a leader for not only internal medicine but also the Osteopathic Profession,” said Dr. Mark Baldwin, PNWU’s Chair of Internal Medicine.

Although honored by his remarks, Hollar humbly eschewed that praise, insisting that Dr. Baldwin’s complement is true of most of the students at PNWU.

“The sense of community and support all the students and faculty have demonstrated in my time here make me very excited about the future of medicine,” she explained. “I don’t necessarily believe that this committee was looking for a student member, but they were excited when I expressed interest. If any other students are curious about something similar, throw your name in the hat! Always take the chance.”