PNWU Students Visit Local Elementary School

PNWU Students Visit Local Elementary School to Encourage Mental Wellness

PNWU Students Visit Local Elementary School to Encourage Mental Wellness

On Friday, January 17, 19 PNWU student doctors visited Barge-Lincoln Elementary School’s second grade classrooms, connecting with the youth of Yakima in an effort to promote health and higher education, and to introduce the osteopathic profession to a new generation of lifelong learners. The presentation was part two of a three-part module titled “A Healthy Body,” which is hosted by PNWU’s Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA) Chapter Club.

Bright-eyed and energetic, the second graders appeared overjoyed to see the medical students, eagerly recalling the club’s previous visit and vocally reflecting memories of the first modules sugar demonstration and physical fitness activity stations. This time around, the focus was on the health of the second graders’ minds.

Barge-Lincoln students were encouraged to discuss activities that they perform to keep their minds healthy, including “reading stories” and “getting help with math.” Encouraging the great dialogue, PNWU medical students reinforced those strategies with a game of “Simon Says” and a reading of “I Want to Be a Doctor! A Day At Medical School.” The activities tested the listening skills of the students, which were soon put on full display as second graders gasped upon hearing their city named in the children’s book.

For a final activity, PNWU student doctors demonstrated the use of what third-year medical student Angie Maxon described as one of their very favorite tools: the pen light.

“There is nothing quite like watching a pupil’s reaction to light."

“There is nothing quite like watching a pupil’s reaction to light,” Maxson said with a wink.

The club plans to visit Barge-Lincoln later this semester to perform their third module, “The Healthy Spirit,” before welcoming Barge-Lincoln’s second graders to PNWU for Mini Med School 2020.

“As always, we had a blast interacting with Barge-Lincoln, their staff and, of course, their students,” Maxson said. “SOMA PNWU Chapter Club could not be more excited about this relationship and feel that we are accomplishing our mission. Again, we want to thank those that have made this program a success, including its creators, prior leaders and attendants, and last week’s volunteers.”