Students represent PNWU at American Academy of Family Physicians National Conference.

PNWU Represented at American Academy of Family Physicians National Conference

This past weekend, several PNWU students and representatives traveled to Kansas City, MO, for the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students. The National Conference offers medical students an opportunity to connect with residents, learn more about family medicine, develop leadership skills, influence AAFP policy, explore residency programs, and connect with potential employers.

PNWU second-year medical student Annika LaVoie joined the group of over 3,000 medical students, residents and doctors in attendance, rousing her passion for family medicine, connecting with classmates and enjoying some delicious Kansas City barbecue along the way. 

“The conference gave me the opportunity to learn more about a career in family medicine, explore residency programs, and network with some incredible people around the nation,” LaVoie explained. During the two-day event, LaVoie participated in a session of the National Congress of Family Medicine, learned how to write resolutions that can directly impact and shape the specialty, attended several workshops and speaker events, and came away with a wealth of material that she intends to share with PNWU’s Family Medicine Interest Group.

“As a second-year student, I came away with renewed motivation to pour myself into my studies, envisioning what residency and a career as a family medicine physician may look like,” she explained. “I felt like my brain was a giant sponge, soaking up all the excitement of the conference.”