Alumni Department Hosts Ski Day

PNWU Alumni Department Hosts Second-Annual Ski Day

PNWU Alumni Department Hosts Second-Annual Ski Day

On Saturday, February 8, PNWU’s Alumni Department hosted the second-annual PNWU Ski Day.

“Last year was a blast, so I certainly wasn’t going to miss this year’s,” said second-year medical student Robert Lloyd, who joined 24 fellow PNWU community members on the freshly powdered slopes of White Pass Ski Resort.

Lloyd, along with fellow PNWU medical student Manon Begert, drove in from Edmonds, Washington on Friday and spent the night with PNWU’s Manager of Student and Alumni Recruitment Dave Warner. After catching up with the Warners, Begert and Lloyd packed up their skiing gear — as well as some of Anita Warner’s famous “Mud Buddies”— and headed for White Pass.

After a smile-filled group picture was taken, the pair joined the entire group in the ski lift line, with plans of uniting for a PNWU run down the slopes. Unfortunately, Lloyd didn’t make it even 100-feet down the run before losing his skis in the freshly fallen powder.

"Thankfully, Dr. Clark found them for me,” he laughed. “Once I finally made it down the run, I made sure to stick closer to the groomed trails.”

“The participation was way higher this year," explained Chanda Anderson, PNWU Alumni Services Coordinator and organizer of the event. “Going up to the mountains and hanging out with everyone was great. It was such a diverse group of people that it made for great conversations.”

Anderson added that she plans to host another ski day later this year for all of those who were unable to attend this time around.

“Overall, it was another huge success,” said Lloyd. “It’s always so much fun being out there with students from each class and our faculty. I am glad we’ve continued to have events like this, as they promote camaraderie within classes and between the classes. PNWU is one big family.”