Students Receive SOMA Scholarships

Four PNWU students receive National SOMA Scholarships.

Four PNWU Students Receive National SOMA Scholarships

Recently, four members of PNWU’s Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA) were awarded national scholarships by the SOMA Foundation, including two first-year students.

The awarded students include Brittany Lore, Sri Narayanan, Jenna Seeley and Jackie Chung.

The Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA) Foundation is a student managed, non-profit organization specializing in providing scholarships for current Osteopathic medical students who are members of National SOMA.

Brittany Lore.jpgBrittany Lore, SOMA Foundation Fall 2019 Community and Preventive Medicine Scholarship

This scholarship is given to students who demonstrate commitment to community medicine both in his or her past experiences and future career plans to encourage students to look at those areas of healthcare that provide the most reward, both to their careers and to the world.

Despite that fact that Lore, a first-year medical student, currently lacks the medical expertise to intervene clinically, she realized that she could help the community through education. After learning about nutrition in her classes, Lore started a community outreach program that teaches kids in low income areas the value of eating healthy and being active.

"Going forward, I aspire to continue expanding my understanding of the healthcare disparities around me,” Lore explained. “I aim to continue being open to another's way of life, learning from them, and bridging the gap between people in the community. Additionally, I intend to refine my skills as an outreach educator, researcher, and future physician for the benefit of underserved populations and, more specifically, women and children."

Sridevi Narayanan.jpgSri Narayanan, SOMA New Membership Scholarship

The New Member Scholarship was developed for new members of SOMA, with selection based upon an essay about their “Vision of Osteopathic Medicine.”

“I believe my involvement in SOMA will help me raise awareness about social determinants of health, and hope to employ my leadership skills as a member of my school’s SOMA chapter by writing resolutions to submit for national conferences,” said Narayanan. "Advocating for and writing legislation concerning topics like access to care and preventative health services would allow me to find a voice outside of medical school, and the osteopathic profession will impact my vision through my future training and clinical education in underserved areas of the Pacific Northwest.

Jenna Seeley.jpgJenna Seeley, Robert S. Juhasz Innovative Leadership Scholarship

The Robert S. Juhasz Innovative Leadership Scholarship is sponsored by the former AOA President, Dr. Robert S. Juhasz, and is awarded to a student who has taken steps to better the healthcare field with innovative and creative methods that not only benefit the patients, but the physicians as well.

"Through my involvement in research, volunteering as a student doctor at a free community medical clinic, and as a co-coordinator for our local Diabetes Prevention Program, I have demonstrated my passion for innovative and creative ways to improve healthcare delivery,” explained Seeley. “These experiences will prepare me for my future career path as a healthcare provider that implements innovative and creative thinking in my personal decisions, but also as a healthcare provider that encourages my patients to think in innovative and creative ways. I will strive to create a community that focuses on new ideas and collaboration."

Jacqueline chung.jpgJackie Chung, OMS II, was also awarded a scholarship.