PNWU Students Inspire Yakima Youth

A group of PNWU students visited Barge-Lincoln Elementary School to promote higher education.

This week, a group of PNWU students visited Barge-Lincoln Elementary School to promote higher education, provide health education and introduce osteopathic medicine to a collection of local elementary school students.

The medical students kicked off the annual program with a lesson on “The Healthy Body,” highlighting one of the three key tenets of osteopathic medicine — mind, body, and spirit. Throughout the hour-long activity, they discussed nutrition, the importance of physical fitness activities, and even shared their stethoscopes with second graders.

“As you can tell from our photos, we had a good time,” said Angie Maxson, a second-year PNWU osteopathic medical student who participated in the program. “Our hearts were lifted and our souls recharged, so that we can continue forward on our path of becoming physicians with a hopeful mindset.”

The medical students plan to visit the elementary school two additional times this year to highlight the mind and spirit aspect of the whole person.

“We are planting seeds by spending time with the youth in our community,” she continued. “Ultimately, we aim to reduce the health disparities that exists in the healthcare system today, both locally and on a larger scale. We want to see more decision makers, including healthcare providers, from diverse backgrounds that will provide culturally sound care to those in our community.”

This spring, Barge-Lincoln’s second graders will visit the campus of PNWU to complete “Mini Med School,” where they will experience a variety of activities hosted by participating student clubs — all organized by the PNWU Pediatrics Club.

“It will be a school wide event, and my favorite time of the school year,” exclaimed Maxson.