PNWU Strengthens Regional Relationships

PNWU strengthens regional relationships with OPP workshop.


PNWU Strengthens Regional Relationships with OPP Workshop

Dr. Brandon Isaacs and Michelle Chadek, MS held two regional OPP workshops on the west side this week. Over 50 learners were exposed to basic OPP concepts and skills through kinesthetic learning with lecture and hands-on skills work. MD preceptors, resident program faculty, residents, medical students, nurse practitioners and even a handful of visiting applicants were in attendance.

“It is exciting to bring together Residency faculty, community physicians that precept PNWU students and the PNWU student she precepted,” explained Chadek. “The synergy in this combination compounded the learning experience at the workshop and fostered future placeholders for PNWU students, residents and alumni. I could visibly see the community connections being made.”

These workshops are a direct result of the collaboration between PNWU and UW Family Medicine Residency Network, designed to foster osteopathic-focused learning environments in residency training programs, help programs maintain their osteopathic identity in the single accreditation transition and to improve competencies of allopathic educators supervising residents and medical students who perform OMT in patient care settings. There are more workshops in development for 2019, notably OMM for MDs, targeted at allopathic residents entering ACGME Osteopathic Recognized residency programs.

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