PNWU Mission in Mount Vernon

The mission of PNWU continues to blossom in Mount Vernon.

PNWU Mission Continues Blossoming in Mount Vernon

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On Tuesday, July 16, PNWU President Dr. Michael Lawler traveled to Mount Vernon to visit with PNWU students, alumni, and colleagues at Skagit Regional Health’s annual welcoming event.

“Mount Vernon is an exemplar of PNWU’s mission fulfillment, and I learned that it may have been PNWU’s first clinical rotation site,” explained Dr. Lawler. “In fact, the institutional focus of Skagit Regional Health on high quality medical education has a parallel story to the creation of PNWU, and both involve a pen, napkin, and a plane!”

Throughout the short history of our university, a total of 112 PNWU students have been assigned to conduct their clinical training at Skagit Regional Health, illustrating the health care organizations deep commitment to not only our mission, but medical education as a whole. Additionally, 30 PNWU alumni have entered Skagit Regional Health residency positions, with both the current Chief Residents for Internal Medicine, Dr. Alexa Celerian and Dr. Jeff Armaly, as well as the Chief Resident for Family Medicine, Dr. Asra Mazhar, representing our Class of 2017. In total, 10 PNWU alumni have served as Skagit Chief Residents in the past five years alone.

Following his visit, Dr. Lawler went on to say that “the leadership at Skagit Regional Health, including Dr. Connie Davis, Chief Medical Officer, spoke glowingly about our students, which was reflected by the awards’ wall in the hospital honoring outstanding students and residents, including many PNWU graduates and our own Dr. Mark Baldwin who is a highly regarded clinician and educator at Skagit Regional Health, and PNWU.”