PNWU Hosts OMM Fundamentals for Healthcare Providers Workshop


PNWU Hosts OMM Fundamentals

PNWU Hosts OMM Fundamentals for Healthcare Providers Workshop

Imagine supervising and guiding someone through a day in your profession. Throughout the day, you’re responsible for observing their abilities and their professional conduct, ensuring that, one day, they are fully prepared to independently step into the profession and succeed.

Now imagine that the person you are supervising speaks a different language than you, and regularly utilizes a skillset that is almost entirely unfamiliar to you.

For many allopathic physicians working as preceptors for an ever-expanding crop of osteopathic medical students, this considerable challenge is an everyday reality.

With Single Accreditation System implementation on the 2020 horizon, more and more MDs are matriculating into ACGME Residency programs with Osteopathic Recognition, and both MDs and DOs are requesting more osteopathic education. Well aware of that reality, Michelle Chadek buzzed with excitement as she reconfigured the OMT tables in Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences’ OPP lab.

As PNWU/FMRN Regional GME Liaison, Chadek had already successful hosted twenty-four Osteopathic Faculty Development workshops throughout the region, aimed at addressing the very concerns highlighted above. Today, however, her steps were invigorated by one energizing detail: in just a few hours, she would play host to the first OMM Fundamentals workshop ever held on the campus of the rapidly-expanding health sciences university.

“We’re trying to awe and inspire learners to see the incredible benefits of these techniques,” explained Chadek. “This workshop offers attendees an opportunity to actually watch those remarkable results unfold right before their eyes. It’s really a feeling you can’t describe.”

A direct result of PNWU’s collaboration with the University of Washington’s WWAMI Family Medicine Residency Network (FMRN), the OMM Fundamentals Workshop was designed for MDs matriculating into FMRN ACGME residency programs with Osteopathic Recognition and MD/DOs precepting osteopathic learners; introducing them to basic concepts and techniques associated with Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. For physicians tasked with supervising and guiding rotating osteopathic medical students — a growing group that now makes up approximately 25% of all medical students in the United States — the full-day, hands-on workshop offered attendees a vital glimpse into the world of osteopathic medicine.

Attended by nearly 40 Pacific Northwest-based physicians, the workshop provided hands-on educational activities that incorporated kinesthetic learning, lecture, and small group work at OMT tables. Throughout the workshop, residency program faculty and osteopathic preceptors were given an opportunity to develop — or refresh — their individual skills in OPP modalities and improve their competencies as educators who supervise residents that practice OPP in patient care settings.

“Many of the providers who come to these events arrive with a sense of uncertainty, and are even sometimes skeptical of the osteopathic education,” said Chadek. "To watch their perspectives change as the workshop unfolds — to hear them say things like: ‘Wow, I should try this in my practice, it’s so simple!' — it is incredibly rewarding!”

“The previous twenty-four events have essentially served as a PNWU/FMRN roadshow,” she continued, “taking the great things we’re doing with the WWAMI Network and here at PNWU and sharing them with providers throughout our region. As we’ve continued to establish ourselves as osteopathic leaders in the region, those physicians are now coming to us to see what we’re doing here, and to learn from the successes of our university and this collaborative.”

Going forward, Chadek hopes that the workshop will become an annual PNWU/FMRN event.