PNWU Members Elected as Directors on National Board

Two Member's of PNWU's Clinical Education Team Elected as Directors on Prestigious National Board



Two members of PNWU's Clinical Education Team Elected as Directors on Prestigious National Board

Thanks to years of hard work and an unwavering commitment to the greater osteopathic community, two members of PNWU’s Clinical Education team were recently elected to serve as Directors on The National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners (NBOME) Board of Directors (BOD).

Dr. Elizabeth McMurtry, PNWU Assistant Dean for Clinical Education and Faculty Development, and Dr. Anita Showalter, PNWU Associate Dean for Clinical Education, will now serve as champions for protecting patient safety through competency assessment within the independent, nongovernmental, not-for-profit organization, which was established in 1934 to protect the public by providing the means to assess competencies for osteopathic medicine and related health care professions. According to the NBOME, board members are elected based on experience and expertise in clinical disciplines, medical education and assessment, and medical or regulatory administrative experience reflective of the needs of the public.

“My participation with the NBOME BOD enables me to take the considerations of our communities onto the national platform and highlight unique challenges facing healthcare and health education delivery in the Pacific Northwest,” explained Dr. McMurtry. “I’m excited to be a champion for protecting patient safety through competency assessment and strengthening the osteopathic profession through teamwork with all the stakeholders in this important work.”

“We are working with many bright, dedicated people from across the country to make sure our exams are valid and results are reproducible,” said Dr. Showalter. “We take the mission of the NBOME very seriously: that our “customers,” so to speak, are the patients that will be receiving services from our graduates.”

“Dr. Showalter and Dr. McMurtry are great physicians and educators who are contributing their expertise to the health and well-being of communities in the Pacific Northwest, and across the country,” said Dr. Michael Lawler, President of Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences. “We are fortunate to have these nationally-recognized physicians serve as role models for the future physicians being educated at PNWU.”

Dr. Showalter will also serve on the COMLEX-USA Composite Examination Committee, which determines the structure of COMLEX exams, as well as the Nominating Committee, which reviews BOD applicants and committee assignments. Additionally, this year she will begin a one-year term on the board’s executive committee, which works closely with the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners (NBOME) to keep the organization running smoothly.

Similarly, Dr. McMurtry’s responsibilities do not stop at the board.

In addition to her Board of Directors role, Dr. McMurtry will also serve as a member of the Awards Committee, where she’ll be responsible for reviewing and recommending exceptional individuals nominated for service recognition. She’ll also serve on the Single Accreditation System (SAS) for Graduate Medical Education Outreach Task Force, which was specifically designed to raise awareness of the NBOME mission and goals as the 2020 deadline for full integration approaches. And if that wasn’t enough to fill her schedule, Dr. McMurtry will also have additional roles with the NBOME, including item writing for COMLEX-USA Level 2 and 3, as well as membership in the Emergency Medicine COMAT Sub-Committee.

“We get first-hand information on the challenges facing our profession and how our leadership is addressing them,” explained Dr. Showalter. “Having a voice at the table means the interests of our students and community training are well-represented.”

"These appointments reflect the dedication, expertise, and public service that both Dr. Showalter and Dr. McMurtry have demonstrated during their careers in osteopathic medical education," said Dr. Thomas Scandalis, Dean of PNWU's College of Osteopathic Medicine. "Their participation and contributions will help ensure that the mission of the NBOME to protect the public in the health care environment will continue to be fulfilled."