PNWU Founders Continue their Support

Dr. Lloyd and Gloria Butler give a generous gift to the future of PNWU

Dr. Lloyd and Gloria Butler Remain Committed to Supporting Their Dream

Yakima, WA – Dr. Lloyd and Gloria Butler continue to extend their incredible legacy with additional support to grow Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences. As an original founding member of the non-profit health sciences university, Dr. Butler’s commitment to continued mission fulfilment was once again on display as he recently gifted the university with a piece of property aimed at providing additional resources to bolster PNWU’s ongoing successes. 

“Having been involved with this school since the beginning, we are very committed to PNWU continuing with its amazing history of success to this point,” said Dr. Butler.

Since being involved in the original meetings to start the health sciences university in 2004, Dr. Butler has served as a trustee, the University’s president (2009-2012), a leader in several philanthropic campaigns and an ambassador for a dream he and Gloria have passionately and zealously supported since the beginning.

“Gloria and I wanted to make a gift to show our support for the new president,” said Dr. Butler. “We are making this gift to honor our new president. This is supposed to let Dr. Lawler shine as he leads the university. I believe Dr. Lawler should decide how to use this.”

The Butler’s latest showing of support comes in the form of five acres of donated property on Terrace Heights Drive, just east of the existing PNWU campus. At this early stage, there are no specific plans in place for the property, but with a new strategic plan to be announced shortly, and an ongoing capital campaign project for another building on campus, the gift comes at a wonderful time in the young school’s history.

"The Butlers helped envision, and are now sustaining, PNWU’s mission to educate health care professionals for rural and medically underserved communities of the Pacific Northwest,” said Dr. Michael Lawler, President of PNWU. “They are kind and generous, and deeply believe in service to others. Countless students, patients, and communities will benefit from the Butlers’ visionary gift. I am extremely grateful for their support, and their friendship."

The Butlers have worked hard for years -- before the first building was ever completed -- and continue to work hard as the Class of 2023 prepares to arrive on the Terrace Heights campus to begin their arduous medical education. They regularly attend university events, and are constantly engaged with students, faculty and staff who strive towards fulfillment of their vision daily. The gift expands on the terrific support and exemplary leadership the Butler’s have provided over the years, which has been partially recognized with his name on the iconic central campus building—Butler Haney Hall.

“Gloria and Lloyd Butler are remarkable examples of people who blend their passion, service, and philanthropy to elevate a community and create transformational benefit for all,” explained Michele Erickson, PNWU’s Chief Development Officer. “We are honored by their latest gift and investment in our shared mission.”

"This should help achieve the mission of continuing to grow and expand as a health sciences university,” said Dr. Butler, smiling proudly. That statement serves as yet another illustration of Dr. Butler’s longstanding desire to support the mission and vision of the institution; a mission and vision he truly believes in, as he was one of the leading minds behind it.