Students Gather for Med School Prom

PNWU Students Gather for Great Gatsby-Themed Med School Prom.

PNWU Students Gather for Great Gatsby-Themed Med School Prom

This past Friday, PNWU students once again hosted the Med School Prom. The Great Gatsby-themed dance was held at the Apple Tree Resort, and reflected a PNWU tradition, organized by the Senator for Campus Programs, that many students look forward to as a way to decompress from the stress of school.

“As part of Student Government Association, one of our goals is to help build community,” explained PNWU OMS II Jamie Whisler. “Med Prom is one way we try to do that.”

While PNWU students spend plenty of time together — whether in class or studying — Whisler explained that Med School Prom offers them a chance to relax, hang-out, and get to know people in a totally different environment.

“A lot of people go as groups and will get ready together, go out for dinner, and then head to the dance” she explained. “The dance is also interprofessional, so it’s fun to see people from different disciplines that we’ve met along the way but don’t get to regularly see.” Students took full advantage of the opportunity to dress in Great Gatsby-inspired attire, with around 150 students donning the attire of the Roaring ‘20s as the gathered to dance the night away.

The event also offered what may be a final opportunity for second-year students to gather together before they leave for their clinical rotations. “We’ll have a couple more chances, but nothing quite like this,” said Whisler. “Many of us have also been spending so much time studying for systems and for boards that this was a welcome break,” she explained. “Personally, I love watching everyone get out on the dance floor and have some fun. We spend so much time studying and rushing that watching people slow down and enjoy their time is so great.”