Telepresence & Video Conferencing

List of communication services supported by Technology Services that includes telephones, mobile phones, and Zoom teleconferences.
For faculty/staff looking for telework/telecommute options, please see our Remote Access guide in myPNWU


Zoom is PNWU's primary teleconferencing system used for video conferencing and screen sharing. Several options exist:

  1. Sign up for a free Zoom personal account. For meetings involving just you and one other location, it is unlimited. For group meetings involving 3 or more (up to 100) locations, you’re restricted to 40 minutes.
  2. For group meetings over 40 minutes, a Pro account is required. 

If you schedule Zoom basic meetings frequently, we suggest downloading the Zoom plugin to Outlook, which can automatically add the Zoom URL and dial-in numbers for your account to any appointments. It's handy. 

Zoom User Guides 

Telepresence Robots

What is a Telepresence Robot?

A telepresence robot is a wireless remote-controlled wheeled device. The robots use a built-in tablet to provide audio and video conferencing. Using a simple web-based interface, you can control the robot from any Internet-connected device and have (almost) face-to-face interactions with those in the room.

When to Use Telepresence Robots vs Zoom?

Zoom is great video conferencing and collaboration tool. It gives a user the ability to virtually attend a meeting, regardless of their location.

Telepresence robots should be used when a remote individual wants a more personable experience in a meeting, not projected on a screen behind other attendees. The robots do not have screensharing capabilities, so if your meeting requires document or screen sharing, we recommend using Zoom.

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