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List of communication services supported by Technology Services that includes telephones, mobile phones, and Zoom teleconferences.


Zoom is PNWU's primary teleconferencing system used for video conferencing and screen sharing. Several options exist:

  1. Sign up for a free Zoom personal account. For meetings involving just you and one other location, it is unlimited. For group meetings involving 3 or more (up to 100) locations, you’re restricted to 40 minutes.
  2. For group meetings over 40 minutes, one of our 20 PNWU Pro accounts is required. At least one person from each department will be assigned a Pro account; please check with your department’s admin assistants for scheduling help.

If you schedule Zoom basic meetings frequently, we suggest downloading the Zoom plugin to Outlook, which can automatically add the Zoom URL and dial-in numbers for your account to any appointments.

Zoom User Guides 

Telepresence Robots

What is a Telepresence Robot?

A telepresence robot is a wireless remote-controlled wheeled device. The robots use a built-in tablet to provide audio and video conferencing. Using a simple web-based interface, you can control the robot from any Internet-connected device and have (almost) face-to-face interactions with those in the room.

When to Use Telepresence Robots vs Zoom?

Zoom is great video conferencing and collaboration tool. It gives a user the ability to virtually attend a meeting, regardless of their location.

Telepresence robots should be used when a remote individual wants a more personable experience in a meeting, not projected on a screen behind other attendees. The robots do not have screensharing capabilities, so if your meeting requires document or screen sharing, we recommend using Zoom.

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