Abstract Requirements:

Submit an abstract of a completed research project, a research project in progress, or a literature review. 

All submissions must be in Microsoft Word format. Each applicant is limited to one submission. The deadline for abstract submission is 5:00pm February 4, 2020. Abstracts must be submitted electronically using the link below: 

--Abstract Submission Form-- 

An IRB approval or exemption must be included with your abstract submission if the research involved human subjects (if you do not already have IRB approval or exemption contact PNWU’s IRB Administrator, research@pnwu.edu, with questions about the type of required certification.)

Your abstract for submission should include the following:

(I) (a) the title of study,  (b) Name of Your Organization, (c) Lead Author’s Name, Credentials, and contact info [email, phone]; (d) Co-authors’ [if any] names and credentials; (e) PI’s name and credentials if other than the lead author; (f) for students, also include the name, credentials, title, and contact information for the faculty mentor who supervised the project;

(II) the Abstract, 400 word maximum: with the following headings for each section (a) Introduction, (b) Materials and Methods, (c) Results, (d) Discussion;

(III) Conflict of Interest;

(IV) IRB info if applicable

Abstract Evaluation Rubrics: 

Revised February 3 2020

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