Office of Scholarly Activity (OSA)

The Office of Scholarly Activity (OSA) serves PNWU programs and engages community partners in scholarly endeavors. OSA provides resources for research coordination including design, IRB administration, grant submissions, fund management, and dissemination of scholarly outcomes. 

OSA Research Functions: (more info on Research - FAQ and Links to Software)

  • Assuring compliance in the design and conduct of research.
  • Securing and administering resources utilized for design and conduct of research.
  • Administration of PNWU IRB (Institutional Review Board), which approves, reviews, and monitors research involving human subjects for the purpose of protecting human participants.

OSA Grant Functions: (more info on Grants)

  • Approval of grant applications prior to submission to funding entity.
  • Submission of most grant applications (Federal programs will not accept applications from individuals).
  • Administration of grant funds.
  • Assurance of compliance with funding program requirements.
  • Response to an organization of audits.

 OSA Publication Functions: (more info on Scholarly Publications)

  • List of publications by PNWU faculty, residents (in affiliated programs), students, and staff.
  • Assuring compliance in the designe and dissemination of scholarly products.
  • Securing and administering resources utilized for design and dissemination of scholarly products.
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Anita Quintana MA

Interim Director of Scholarly Activity
(509) 249-7859
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Carla Case

Research Coordinator
(509) 249-7852
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Consuelo Rodriguez MD

Research Assistant
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Lizzie Lamb MPH

Research Development Facilitator
(509) 249-7786
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Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) - Login Required

Institutional Review Board SOPs:

  • Activities Subject to Human Research Protections
  • Collaborative Research and Reliance Agreements
  • Functions of the IRB
  • Human Participant Incentive Payments
  • Human Subject Research Qualifications and Training
  • Introduction and Purpose of the PNWU IRB
  • IRB Relations to Administration and Other Entities
  • Membership of the Institutional Review Board
  • Scope and Authority of the PNWU IRB
  • Training and Orientation of the IRB

Research SOPs:

  • Authorship
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Investigator Leave
  • Intellectual Property

Grant SOPs:

  • Indirect Cost Allocation
  • Residual Budgets
  • Signature Authority and External Grant Submissions
  • Gifts versus Grants

OSA Strategic Plan:


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Mailing Address:
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f 509.249.7995