Pay A Fine

Overdue fines are assessed when an item is returned more that one day past its due date.

Payment of Fines

Fines and related charges should be paid with cash or check at the library desk during business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Students must pay all outstanding library fines and fees prior to beginning the next academic year. Fines that are outstanding at the end of the academic year will be referred to Student Affairs and/or the registrar. Repeated violations may result in suspension or revocation of a patron’s library privileges.

Overdue Items

Beginning on the day after a book or other item is due, fines accrue at the following rates:

  • Circulating materials: $.50/day per item, maximum fine $10.00, seven-day grace period
  • Reserve materials: $10.00/day per item, maximum fine $30.00, one-day grace period

Items returned during the grace period will not incur fines; however, items returned after the grace period will incur fines retroactively from the first day the item was overdue.

Lost Items

After 30 days past the last due date, an item is considered lost, and the borrower is responsible for the following charges:

  1. Any unpaid fines; 
  2. A $10.00 billing fee;
  3. Replacement cost of the book; and
  4. A $10.00 cataloging fee

If an item is found and returned after invoicing, but before a replacement copy has been obtained, the replacement and cataloging fees may be waived. The patron is responsible for paying all overdue fines, plus the $10.00 billing fee.

Damaged Items

Patrons who find an item is damaged prior to checkout should notify library staff.  Any unreported damage may result in fines to the borrower. The minimum charge for damaging a book is $5.00. The maximum charge is replacement cost of the book, plus a $10.00 cataloging fee.

Self-Reporting Lost or Damaged Items

If a patron has lost, destroyed, or irreparably damaged an item, he or she may report it directly to the library staff and the $10.00 billing fee will be waived. All other fees apply.


Borrowers who have lost, destroyed, or irreparably damaged library material may choose to replace the item(s) with prior approval from staff. Replacement copies must be of new or like-new condition and must be the same edition(s) as the lost item(s), or newer. Patrons should contact library staff if an item is out of print or no longer available. A $10.00 cataloging fee will be applied to all replacement materials.

Appeal of Library Charges

Appeals may be sent to the attention of the library director, in the form of a letter or email. Charges may be upheld, reduced, or waived at the director's discretion. Not knowing the Library's circulation policy or fee structure, claiming one's own need was greater than another's, being too busy, being out of town, or failing to receive or read an overdue notice are generally not considered valid reasons for appeal.

Interlibrary Loan

PNWU Library does not assess fines on overdue materials borrowed through interlibrary loan.  However, the borrower is responsible for any fines or fees imposed by the lending library, according to the terms of the lending library. Repeated failure to return interlibrary loan materials in a timely manner may result in the borrower’s interlibrary loan privileges being suspended or revoked.

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