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Search with PICO

You can now search the Library catalog using PICO. PICO stands for Population/Problem, Intervention, Comparison and Outcome, and helps break down clinical questions into specific, measureable components. Once you use the search bar on the Library homepage, you can refine your question by selecting PICO Search under the bar.

The Parts of PICO

The population or problem is either the patient's chief complaint or the larger population, such as "women over 75 years old." Some questions might include both a complaint and a population, such as "neonates with severe thalassemia." 

The intervention is your independent variable--what are you changing? This could be a specific diagnostic test, treatment, adjunctive therapy, or medication. 

The comparison is the main alternative you are considering. This is typically either the current best practice, a placebo group, or a control group. Not all questions will have a comparison.

The outcome is the result of what you plan to accomplish, improve or affect.  Outcomes should always be measurable. Looking for the "best" treatment is an impossible task unless "best" is defined.