ILL and Document Delivery

Use this service to obtain materials not available in the PNWU Library.

Use this service to obtain materials not available in the PNWU Library. Document delivery and interlibrary loan services are offered free of charge to current PNWU students, faculty (including ACFs), residents, and staff. For easy ordering of journal articles, we recommend all affiliated users register for a Loansome Doc account.  

Unaffiliated medical professionals and individuals who live in Central Washington may also register to request articles through Loansome Doc. A fee of $20 per article will be charged to all unaffiliated users, and must be paid in advance by cash or check made out to PNWU Library. 

Getting started with Loansome Doc

  1. Go to the login page and click on the Sign up button.
  2. Click Get Started.
  3. In Section 2 (Find a Library), choose the link enter your Library Identifier on the right side of the page.
  4. Enter WAULZC in the Library Identifier field.
  5. Enter WAULZC in the Authorization Code field.
  6. Enter your personal account information, then choose email (PDF) as the preferred delivery method.
  7. After your account is created, you can begin ordering articles.

Requesting articles from PubMed

  1. PNWU students and faculty should use PubMed@PNWU to search. Adjunct clinical faculty and others should use
  2. Perform your search in PubMed.
  3. Before ordering, check your results to see if the full text is available to you online by formatting your results in the Abstracts view (rather than Summary view), and look for the PNWU Library or other full-text icons.
  4. For articles not available to you online, select the articles you want to order by clicking in the check box to the left of each citation.
  5. When you have finished marking your selections, go to the Send to menu on the right side of the frame and choose Order.
  6. Tap on Order articles. This will send you to the Loansome Doc login page.
  7. After you have signed in with your Loansome Doc username and password, you may complete the request form and submit it. 
Books and Other Media

Students and on-campus (FTE) faculty may request books and other materials for interlibrary loan by using our online request form.

For more information on Loansome Doc, interlibrary loan, and document delivery, contact Library Staff.

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