Guidelines to Using Images

Options for Obtaining & Using Photos

Options for Obtaining & Using Photos

  • Use images licensed by PNWU. You can use photos licensed by PNWU, but be aware that images in our subscribed databases (such as UpToDate) are governed by contract law. Contract law supersedes copyright law, and what may be considered fair use under copyright law may not be allowed by license agreements. You can see more on our licensing agreements in the section Image Terms of Use below. 
  • Use images with a Creative Commons license. 
  • Use images in the public domain. Use photos that are in the public domain; e.g. published before January 1923, federal government works (except works for hire), and cases where the copyright owner granted public domain license. See the Images and Video section of the library website for image collections, some of which are in the public domain.
  • Rely on fair use. Do a fair use analysis of copyrighted images. See our Copyright Resources page for more on fair use.
  • Request permission to use an image. When in doubt, you can always request permission from the copyright holder in writing, either through email or mail. You can use the CCC to request permission for books or journals, although if you are on a deadline, you may want to contact the publisher directly. Be aware that the publisher does not always own the rights to photos or illustrations, and that sometimes the creator retains the copyright. You can read more about requesting permissions here

Be sure to include a citation or attribution for any image you use. This handout from the University of Michigan has examples. Check with the source of the image for specific requirements for citing or attributing the work.

Image Terms of Use

You may print or download images for personal and educational use only provided that the source and attribution are not modified. Please read the terms for use.

You may pull images, tables, and charts from ClinicalKey into the ClinicalKey Presentation Maker for use in the creation of presentations for noncommercial use. Presentations must carry appropriate credit. You can easily export your presentation to PowerPoint or Keynote. For details, see this permissions FAQ.

Images may be saved and downloaded into PowerPoint slides for teaching purposes. Refer to the LLW Health Library FAQs for more information.

You may use images from UpToDate for teaching purposes. Please read the guidelines for use. uptodate includes an export to powerpoint feature. click on an image and then click on export to powerpoint in the upper left corner of the screen.

The Creative Commons search site allows you to search multiple sources. Read more about Creative Commons (CC) licenses. items covered under a creative commons license are still protected by copyright but may be used under the terms of the license.

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