Departure from PNWU

Helpful information for employees who are ending their employment with PNWU.

Faculty and Staff Departure from PNWU

The information below will be helpful to you as you end your employment with PNWU. Please contact HR with any questions or concerns.

Please return the following to your supervisor:

  • Badge
  • Keys
  • Equipment Loaned to You


  • Health benefits terminate the month in which you separate your employment.
  • You will be contacted by HMA regarding COBRA insurance and eligibility.
  • You may convert your life insurance to a private policy if you submit the necessary conversion forms to the carrier within 31 days of separation. Please contact Sun Life Financial at 1-800-247-6875, 8:00am to 8:00pm ET, Monday through Friday.  Policy Number is 908424. For any additional information or for requesting the forms, please contact the Human Resources Department at 509-452-5100.
  • For questions regarding your retirement plan, call BBM Financial at 509-248-7930.


  • Please review the pay period calendar on the PNWU website to determine when your last pay check will be.
  • Accrued vacation that is approved to be paid out will appear on your last pay check.
  • Final pay checks are direct deposit.
  • W2's will be mailed to you according to the address we have on file. Please update HR if you move.

Scholarly Activity

  • Send an email to  to initiate the termination of scholarly activities and associated funding accounts.
  • Review the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for “Investigator Leave: Handoff of Scholarly Activities for Faculty and Staff Departure” on the OSA website.
  • Meet with OSA personnel to review the written plan documenting the necessary steps for transferring or terminating scholarly activity.


  • Please make sure you cancel any subscriptions, association dues etc. that are no longer necessary.
  • Make sure you process any outstanding reimbursements with accounts payable.

Exit Interview

  • HR would like to meet with you in a confidential exit interview. Please contact them to make an appointment. If you prefer, you can provide electronic feedback using this form.

We wish you the best as you take on new endeavors!