Please note: these forms cannot be filled out through a browser, they must be downloaded and opened using a PDF reader.

Travel & Expense Reimbursement Form
Please include travel location(s) and name of conference(s) attended. Receipts must be included for reimbursements except Per Diem. You may request mileage reimbursement or fuel cost. Budget approver must sign form prior to submitting to Finance.

Travel Pre-Approval Form
Finance does not currently require this form. This form may be used at the discretion of the budget director for planning purposes.  

Check Request Form
Documentation verifying costs must be included with check request. Budget approver must sign form prior to submitting to Finance.

Purchase Orders (PO)
PO’s should be submitted to Purchasing Agent for coordination prior to item(s) being purchased. This insures best pricing practices are followed and shipping details are correctly scheduled. Documentation of expected charges must be included. Purchaser will submit to Finance for approval and number assignment. Budget approver must sign form prior to submitting to Finance.

Capital Equipment Request (CE)
CE’s must be submitted to Finance for approval and number assignment prior to item(s) and services(s) being purchased. Documentation of expected charges and detailed costs must be included.

Budget Transfer (Request) Form
The budget approver accepting the charges must sign prior to submitting to Finance.

Contract Review Sheet
All contracts must have a Review sheet attached for approval by the CFO, COO, and the President. Dependent on the contract, additional approvals may be required. All applicable documentation must be included when submitted.  Currently, the President is the only legally binding signatory for contracts. 

Internal Proposal Template

Internal Proposal Process

Please note – Finance will not accept handwritten forms. Email submissions are acceptable to

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Finance Office Hours
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