Osteopathic Preceptors

Information about Osteopathic precepting of PNWU medical students.

Osteopathic Precepting of PNWU Medical Students

Adjunct Clinical Faculty (ACF) may be eligible to earn CME for Osteopathic Precepting of PNWU Medical Students. The following criteria are required in order to be awarded CME:

  • The ACF MUST be a physician currently appointed by PNWU’s College of Osteopathic Medicine (PNWU-COM).
  • The ACF MUST be listed on the student’s schedule in E*Value.
Allopathic Physicians

PNWU is unable to offer AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ for osteopathic precepting to allopathic physicians. 

Physicians may find that teaching and precepting medical students provides a valuable learning experience. PNWU's CME Office will email certificates to allopathic physicians who are current ACF to serve as documentation for your participation. 

See AMA's PRA credit system site for more information on alternatives to Category 1 credit. 

Credit Reporting Process

PNWU Clinical Education Department tracks student schedules and assigned preceptors.  Each quarter the appropriate ACF precepting hours are collected, verified and approved.  Once verified, the CME office will send CME certificates directly to each ACF using the email address on file. Copies of certificates are maintained by the CME office according to policy. (6 years) The CME office will report hours to AOA. Self-reporting links are provided below.

CME is awarded on an hour for hour credit basis for core and elective rotations. Physicians should only claim the number of hours actually spent with the student. Please see below for the hours/week considered for CME credit: 

  • One week = 40 hours maximum 
  • Two weeks = 80 hours maximum 
  • Four weeks = 160 hours maximum  
  •  Six weeks = 240 hours maximum

If the student spent time with multiple preceptors per rotation: The hours may be divided among those preceptors. For example, if there are two preceptors in the practice, both cannot claim 40 hours per week.

If a preceptor has multiple students during the same time period, they cannot claim extra hours.  For example, if a preceptor had two students for one week, she/he can only claim 40 hours maximum

  • Each preceptor must be listed on the student’s schedule.
  • Each preceptor must be a currently appointed ACF by PNWU-COM.

CME will not be awarded for precepting hours that were previously awarded to another preceptor. For example, PNWU will not award 40 precepting hours to a preceptor because the 80 hours that was awarded to their partner last month should have been split evenly. This must be done prior to the CME Office receiving the reports as these credit hours are reported to outside agencies.

ACF requests for CME outside of the quarterly cycle must be sent to the Department of Clinical Education. Clinical Education will contact the CME office to complete those requests and they will need to be approved by the Associate Dean of Clinical Education. PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST 3 WEEKS FOR THIS REQUEST

NOTE: For precepting hours that are submitted to the CME office after the AOA CME cycle is closed. Preceptors may receive a letter to acknowledge the time spent precepting as opposed to a CME certificate.

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