Opportunity in Boise, ID

There is a fantastic future opportunity for a new practice in Boise, ID.

Dear PNWU Alumni,

I am excited to share some exciting news about a fantastic future opportunity for a new practice.

During a recent engagement at the Idaho Medical Association meetings we learned of a new clinic being finish in downtown Boise, which will eventually be the home of a group of dedicated Family Medicine physicians.

The clinic is being organized by the Independent Doctors of Idaho (IDID) and they want to make it available to PNWU alumni interested in staying independent. They will be offering professional services and managing the new clinic as a “turnkey” operation, ensuring physicians only have one thing to concern themselves with — seeing patients.

The clinic will be located on the campus of Treasure Valley Hospital, on Emerald Street in Boise, but it will not include a contract or a commitment of any kind to the hospital.

Although many details still need to be worked out, they are already looking for doctors to fill this clinic, and expect they to be ready to open their doors around April 2019. They are looking for as many as 12 physicians to fill the space.

Whether you will be finishing your residency near that time, or are considering a change of location or circumstances, the IDID would welcome a chance to talk to you.  They approached our PNWU booth at the conference and asked if we could find them some Family Medicine physicians, and were we’reconfident that we can find the perfect group to fit their needs. 

Dr. Jeff Hessing, President of the IDID Association, is very excited to find some PNWU doctors. If you are interested, or just want more information, please reach out to:

Patti Coburn with Independent Doctors of Idaho.

Patti Coburn
(208) 321-4790