Academic Day Request for Judges

2019 PNWU 3rd Annual Academic Day and Research Symposium seeks judges.

2019 PNWU 3rd Annual Academic Day and Research Symposium Request for Judges

We are looking for faculty, staff, residents, and alumni to help judge entries for our 2019 PNWU 3rd Annual Academic Day and Research Symposium.

  1. We will need 20-30 judges for Abstracts between Feb. 1 and Feb. 15, 2019. This activity is done entirely via computer – your presence on campus is not necessary to judge abstracts. It will take about an hour to judge all the abstracts you are assigned.
  2. We will also need 10-20 judges for the actual day of the event, Friday, April 12, 2019. Judges for the event will be required to be on campus between 10am and 5pm, depending on what session/presentations you will be judging.

Qualified judges will have a keen eye for the ability to read research abstracts, research posters, and scientific presentations of varied types (case studies, literature reviews, intervention studies, qualitative studies, etc). While you may not have a ton of past research experience yourself, you can still be a helpful judge for these activities! An evaluation rubric will be provided for all judging activities. You should feel capable of providing constructive feedback and comments regarding why you judged an abstract, poster, or presentation the way you did.

If you have submitted your own work, please do not worry. The Research Committee and the Office of Scholarly Activity will ensure no one is judging their own work! All judging assignments at the abstract stage are blinded (i.e., judges won’t know whose project they are judging, and abstract authors won’t know who their judges were).

All are welcome to judge for one or both activities. PNWU’s Academic Day and Research Symposium is not possible without your help! Please let us know by January 2, 2019 if you would like to participate.

For more information or to volunteer, please contact: