Preclinical Education

COM Preclinical Education oversees the academic support needs of both the students and faculty of PNWU. Learn more about the Department of Preclinical Education.

COM Preclinical Education oversees the academic support needs of both the students and faculty of PNWU. The academic resources offered at PNWU are intended to enhance and develop the academic abilities of our students by providing advising, tutoring, and assistance in developing a mastery of the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners (NBOME) Core Competencies via student portfolio development.

Preclinical Education Services

  • Oversight of assessment process (Examsoft assessment building, exam proctoring, exam reporting)
  • Collaborating with faculty to ensure quality of assessments
  • Implementation of new software systems for tracking all aspects of student progress
  • Conducting course and instructor evaluations
  • Collaborating with advisors to support students
  • Addressing remediation needs
  • Tracking and Reporting Board Exams (COMLEX - Level 1, 2PE, 2CE, COMAT)
  • Faculty professional development
  • Moodle and other instructional software training and support
  • Implementing accommodations in accordance with ADA
  • Working with faculty to create online learning modules, multimedia learning materials, or training guides for students and staff
  • Assistance with data collection and tracking using digital forms
  • Maintenance of website content related to COM

Faculty and Staff in Preclinical Education

The associate dean is responsible for leading and supporting the faculty and academic staff in the delivery of instruction that meets the goals for academic excellence in the COM in years one and two (COM PCE).  In addition, the associate dean contributes to the development of sound academic policies and processes that support the academic goals. The department coordinates assessment of student learning between COM course directors and their faculty, standing committees, and COM administration. COM PCE staff members include an administrative assistant, OMS1 and OMS2 coordinators, academic technology coordinator, an E*Value manager, assistant director of assessments and the director of assessments.  COM PCE oversees the tracking of student progression across all four curricular years, with daily inputs into the didactic phase of the educational program. Ensuring student educational success across the learning continuum is the mission of COM PCE.

Meet our highly capable and dedicated faculty and staff.

Academic Resources

Access Academic Resources:

  • Helpful links (Digital Measures, E*Value, ExamSoft, Moodle, MedU, Panopto, ProgressIQ, Self-Service, Wiki)
  • Student portfolio development
  • Learning skills support
  • Resources for faculty
  • Resources for adjunct faculty and adjunct clinical faculty

Contact Information

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8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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Administrative Assistant for Preclinical Education
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