PNWU-COM Strategic Plan

The strategic plan for PNWU's College of Osteopathic Medicine.

PNWU-COM Strategic Plan

In 2017, an inclusive committee formed and went to work developing the 2018-21 PNWU College of Osteopathic Medicine Strategic Plan. The PNWU COM mission statement was reviewed and slightly revised; small and large group meetings were held; surveys were conducted and analyzed, as were data from other sources; and draft plans were vetted, scrutinized, and reworded. The result of that work reflects the characteristics and beliefs of all those who live the mission and is expressed through thoughtful priorities.

Strategic planning at PNWU is dynamic. Thus, annual operational plans form in consideration of current and emerging resources, new developments, and outcomes of previous work, yet remain focused on the overarching priorities. The operational plans provide the objectives, activities, and strategies, and outline indicators of success against which the level of achievement is measured annually. 

College of Osteopathic Medicine

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