Clinical Rotation - Oregon (Longview, Vancouver, NW OR/ Reedsport/ Roseburg/Klamath Falls)

Clinical Rotation - Oregon (Longview, Vancouver, NW OR/ Reedsport/ Roseburg/Klamath Falls)

Regional Site Staff

Regional Assistant Dean:
Orestes Gutierrez, DO

Regional Site Administrator:
Tressa Rodriguez

Demographic Information

Fitness/recreation areas available in the region:
Yes, Fitness Centers

Portland proper is extremely expensive, so I always suggest other areas outside of Portland for housing.

Length of time region has been training with PNWU students:
Longview/Vancouver/NW Oregon region - since 2011
Reedsport & Roseburg - since 2017
Klamath Falls - since 2018

Preceptor/Rotation Information

4th year electives that have been successful in this region depending on availability:   
4th Year Only

  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • FM
  • IM-Inpatient
  • Ophthalmology
  • ICU
  • Behavioral Medicine
  • Dermatology
  • Many more

Number of preceptors credentialed with PNWU to teach CORE rotations:  29

D.O. preceptors in the region (approx.):  12

M.D. preceptors in the region (approx.):  17

Rotations that provide inpatient experience:
Roseburg IM and Klamath Falls IM

Rotation challenges in the region based on availability:
OB/GYN, Pediatrics, and Behavioral Medicine.

Do students/learners from other schools rotate in the region?

Is there integration of other schools with PNWU students?
Most locations will only accept one student at a time for a rotation.  Students are competing for rotations with several other medical schools.  The number of rotations offered to PNWU are generally one or two per preceptor.

Residencies available in the region that PNWU students are involved in (didactics, rotations, etc.):
There are several residencies in the region, but we currently are not involved with them.  Students will receive opportunities for rotations during their 4th year.

Opportunities to practice OMM:

Didactics Information

Didactic Information:
Didactics in our region are currently held every other Monday from 2-5pm via Zoom teleconference.  Students are required to attend.

Other learning opportunities in addition to PNWU didactics include:
Nothing provided

Core (3rd year) rotations available within driving distance (1 hour or 50 miles) of the didactics site?

Additional Information

Region strengths:
We have some great providers who really enjoy educating students.  There are great hands-on training opportunities in Reedsport, Roseburg, and Klamath Falls.

Why might a student choose this region over another?
Reedsport, Roseburg, and Klamath Falls provide the most rotations in a concentrated area.  They are great locations for students who would like to be housed in one city for MOST of their rotations with limited travel.  

Students assigned to "Oregon" may choose to help set up rotations near their home area.  Portland and NW Oregon core rotations are extremely difficult to schedule because of competition with other schools.  Any student with an "Oregon" assignment may expect more than the usual amount of away rotations.

Student/Resident Information:
Number of OMS3 Students Rotating in Region:   5
Number of OMS4 Students Rotating in Region:   10
Alumni in Residency Programs:   32
Alumni practicing in the regions:   11
% of PNWU-COM matriculations from regions:   9.0%

Additional information:
There are several different satellite regions within this Region.  These are currently Reedsport, Roseburg, and Klamath Falls.  Please check with Tressa Rodriguez regarding any questions you have about these different regions.