COM Student Clubs

American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians/Family Medicine Interest Group (ACOFP)

The student ACOFP chapter is one of the most active clubs on campus offering a variety of opportunities to learn more about the importance of primary care. The club collaborates with Central Washington Family Residency, American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians and Washington Academy of Family Physicians. The chapter offers volunteer opportunities, workshops, panels, and guest speakers with an emphasis on Family Medicine.

Activities: (free) National memberships to ACOFP and WAFP, Primary Care Week, Family Medicine Residency Panels, Punch Biopsy Clinic, Dinner with a Doc, Collaboration with Central Washington Family Residency, WAFP Student-Resident Retreat,  Red Cross Blood Drive, Volunteer opportunities with Memorial Hospital, regular monthly meetings, and many more!

Dues: Free!

Open to Non-Medical Students? No, but we occasionally invite Pharm, PA and Nursing students to some of our events at no charge

Contact: Jordan Holmes

Anesthesiology Club

The primary goal of the Anesthesiology Club is to bring exposure to the field of anesthesia to campus.  We also aim to gain broad interest by focusing on topics and skills that apply across many fields.  Close communication with peers will be key in maximizing this goal.

Activities: TBA

Dues: None

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes.

Contact: Calvin Lee

Biomedical Ethics Club

The mission of the Biomedical Ethics Club is to establish and maintain a safe and respectful environment for thought-provoking discussion regarding medical ethics using emotional intelligence and critical thinking that will allow for reflection, mindfulness, and growth.

Activities: TBA

Dues: None

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes

Contact: Paige Almond

Christian and Medical Dental Association (CMDA)

The CMDA Club motivates, educates and equips Christian healthcare professionals to glorify God by serving with professional excellence as witnesses of Christ's love and compassion to all people, and advancing biblical principles of healthcare within the church and to our culture.

Activities: BBQ, Worship Nights, Physician Speakers, Outreach at UGM

Dues: None

Open to Non-Medical Students? No.

Contact: Nicole Munoz

Dermatology Club

It is the purpose of the PNWU Dermatology Club to present aspiring osteopathic dermatologists. This is accomplished through the following activities:

  1. Providing osteopathic medical students with an early exposure to the field of dermatology.
  2. Stressing the understanding of osteopathic principles in relationship to disease in the practice of dermatology.
  3. Contribute to the interest, knowledge, welfare, and education of osteopathic medical students in the specialty of dermatology.
  4. Familiarize its members with the purpose and ideals of osteopathic medicine and dermatology.
  5. Keep members informed of the latest developments in the field of dermatology.

Activities: TBA

Dues: None

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes.

Contact: Rachel Veatch


Emergency Medicine Club

PNWU's Emergency Medicine Club will foster interest in emergency medicine and team based medicine though various activities to health professional students at PNWU.

Activities: Guest Lectures (Airlift Northwest Critical Care Flight Teams, Local EM Physicians, EM alumni, PD/FD/EMS, and other Allied Health Professionals), Focused Radiology Teaching Sessions, Skills Labs (splinting, management of the trauma patient, airway labs, MCI provider training, resuscitation team dynamics), Suture clinics/competition (with surgery club), Group events, chest tube lab (cadaver lab), community education events, Critical Care Simulations, EMS ride-along, Ultrasound training, journal clubs.


  • New member - $30
  • Renewal Membership - $20
  • Allied Health Student Membership - $20 (some events will be limited to D.O. students)

Open to Non-Medical Students? No.

Contact: Nathan Wilks

Geriatrics Interest Group

This program was designed to enhance awareness and provide additional educational opportunities to healthcare professionals in order to provide better quality of care to the rapidly growing aging population.

Activities: TBA

Dues: None

Open to Non-Medical Students? No

Contact: Naomi Leon-Guerrero

Global Health Interest Group

The mission of PNWU Global Health Club is to enhance students understanding of Global Health issues and how to actively participate in solutions as medical students.

Activities: World Wise Wednesdays, Summer International Travel Event, Run For Your Life, Guest Speaker

Dues: None

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes.

Contact: Ivy Stejskal

Grand Rounds (AMSA)

The goal is to allow students to interpret the facts of a given case and use their own clinical reasoning to move forward in a stepwise fashion.  We provide bi-weekly physician speakers.

Activities: Physician lectures and cases

Dues: Free!

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes

Contact: Laura Hufford

Health Equity Club

A place to discuss health equity issues and solutions in an approachable, collaborative environment.

Activities: Biweekly discussion on Health Equity issues, Barge Lincoln elementary school outreach, Health Equity Week in Spring

Dues: None

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes.

Contact: TBA

Infectious Disease Club

The purpose of this club is to help build and expand infectious disease knowledge among PNWU-affiliated professional students.  The goals of the club include prevention and treatment of infectious diseases most prevalent in the PNW, raising awareness about global infectious diseases, and promotion advancements in the field of infectious disease.

Activities: Yakima Trolley Tours, Case Discussions, Review Papers, Speaker Series, a TBD Fundraiser, PPD Clinic, Flu Clinic, and more!

Dues: None

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes

Contact: Rachel Kim

Internal Medicine Club

The purpose of this club shall be to foster professional growth and career development of osteopathic medical students of the Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine who are interested in the field of internal medicine and its sub-specialties.

Activities: - Guest speaker events with local Internal Medicine subspecialists. We currently have contacts for GI, hem/onc and endocrinology. I plan to add other specialties such as general internist and pulmonologist. - Mentorship program connecting current medical students with school alumni in internal medicine residency - Holiday food donation campaign for Northwest Harvest - 2 EKG events, one for review of EKG interpretation and another for a more clinical perspective on EKG - Plan for systems based review or case study sessions - Hypertension awareness health booth at Run for Your Life Health Fair

Dues: None

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes

Contact: Bryce Green

Latter-day Saint Student Association (LDSSA)

The LDSSA helps students and their families attending PNWU have a balanced secular and spiritual educational experience during their years of formal education emphasizing mind, body, and spirit. Weekly meetings brings constant nourishment to the draining healthcare studying experience.

Activities: We host a weekly meeting to provide spiritual balance for club members. We also host an annual Trunk-or-Treat event for the campus community.

Dues: No dues

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes

ContactTaylor Wilding

Medical Students Pride Alliance

The LGBTQ+ Alliance for Health is a platform for education. Created by a tework of physician students we unite together to educate those around us; in our school, in the local Yakima community and nationwide.  We recognize that the fear of discrimination commonly leads to members of the LGBTQ+ community avoiding seeking out medical attention.  We believe by educating our fellow classmates and others we will be able to begin to bridge the gap between what is the current standard of medical practice, and what we hope to see.  We approach the disadvantages experienced by the LGBTQ+ community with an intersectional perspective, and we are committed to promote equality and respect for all.

Activities: We are a new club this year and programs are still being designed. We will have guest speakers and workshop sessions.

Dues: None.

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes

Contact: Oak Sonfist

Multi-Faith Club (MFC)

The purpose and mission of the PNWU MFC is to form a bridge between osteopathic medicine and spiritual care, in order to create a functioning system to provide all the members with the opportunity to learn and enhance their knowledge about the various faiths and religions in our community.  It also will help students be prepared to provide care that embodies the entire osteopathic philosophy of caring for the mind, body and spirit of our future patients.

Dues: None

Open to non-medical students: Yes

Contact: TBA

Neuroscience Club

Neuroscience Club is dedicated to bringing opportunities to PNWU students that will enrich their understanding of neurological disorders. We will provide alternative perspectives of illness and integrate opportunities for empathy and education.

Our mission is to bring forth issues in medicine that with knowledge thereof will make us better physicians by having a deeper understanding of the implications of illness.

We will work with community members and professionals who have lived or worked with neurological disorders. We will reach out to individuals who can share with us their stories and experiences within the healthcare system.

Activities: Case Discussion Series, ALS Walk, TBI night, Mini-Med School

Dues: Completely Free

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes

Contact: TBA

Oncology Club

  • Increasing awareness and educating PNWU students about the breadth of cancer medicine in the US, and its expanse across numerous specialties.
  • Increasing awareness and understanding of the burden of cancer in the Yakima Valley through community outreach and support, positioning PNWU to be a community resource.

Activities: TBA

Dues: $25.00

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes.

Contact: Thomas Metzner

Pediatrics Club

We are dedicated to exposing you to the countless opportunities in pediatrics. Our focus is to increase student awareness of the pediatric population's needs and what life is like as a pediatrician through bringing guest speakers and discussion panels to PNWU. We have a strong connection with our community and plenty of volunteer opportunities where we interact with kids. These opportunities and interactions will undeniably add purpose and joy to your journey through medical school.

Activities: Mini medical school, Jane's House gingerbread house building, Pediatric OMT clinic, PNWU Easter Egg hunt, YMCA ASPIRE, Lynchpin

Dues: It's free! (unless you want to join the National Organization, ACOP, which is $30).

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes. It's free!

Contact: Haley Crabtree

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Club (PM&R)

The purpose of the PM&R Club is as follows:

  • To raise awareness of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation's role in patient care.
  • To educate the PNWU student population on PM&R and to increase their knowledge of the specialty.
  • To create opportunities for student participation in PM&R activities and facilitate placement of first-year members into related PM&R summer opportunities.
  • To serve as a resource for students interested in pursuing PM&R and to increase successful matches into PM&R residencies.

Activities: TBA

Dues: $5.00

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes.

Contact: Mathew Dickson

PNWU Developmental Medicine Club (Branch of SOMA)

The mission of the PNWU Developmental Medicine Club is to bridge the gap between osteopathic medicine and developmental medicine in order to create a holistic functioning system to provide all members with the opportunity to enhance their interest and knowledge of how to provide quality healthcare to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Activities: TBA

Dues: None

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes.

Contact: Sydney Bishoff

PNWU Sports Medicine Club

The Pacific Northwest Univeristy Sports Medicine Club purpose is to create an avenue for students to develop skills and knowledge that will benefit them in a career as a sports medicine physician.

Activities: Assist school sports events, Taping clinic, Concussion recovery info session, First aid at RFYL 5k

Dues: None.

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes

Contact: Jackson Barber

PNWU Student Osteopathic Surgery Association (SOSA)

The PNWU Surgery Club was established as an avenue for the students of PNWU to gain insight and exposure to the world of surgical specialties. Yearly club events include national conference attendance, suture clinics, guest speakers, and community outreach events. PNWU Surgery Club is also a chapter of the Student Osteopathic Surgery Association. SOSA represents and educates future osteopathic surgeons. SOSA stresses understanding of osteopathic principles in relationship to disease in the practice of surgery and provides a forum for discussion among students and surgeons.

Activities: Suture Clinics, Suture Competition, Surgeons Panel, Speakers, Run For Your Life First Aid Booth

Dues: National - $30, Local - $20

Open to Non-Medical Students? yes

Contact: Mckallin Cox

Prevention & Lifestyle Medicine

Prevention & Lifestyle Medicine club is the SGA affiliated club that promotes accessible nutrition, fitness, and mental wellness on campus and to the community we serve, though education, outreach, and creative partnerships.

Activities: Fitness Fridays, helping the SGA movement toward improved osteopathic mental health.

Dues: none

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes

Contact: Robert Bhatia

Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Club

"One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful" - Freud.  As the Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Club, it is our goal to aid in the struggle and support mental health and well being as well as educating students about psychiatry and behavioral health.

Activities: TBA

Dues: None

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes.

Contact: James Hofmeister

Radiology Club

Radiology club is a fun an low-key club to reinforce your knowledge of all systems, eat pizza and just have fun! We meet monthly to discuss fun radiology cases related to each classes current system, eat FREE pizza and other low-stress radiology related learning. We also host awesome pool parties and host a yearly trip to the Washington state radiologic conference in Seattle for anyone who is interested. Remember, you will all be sometimes-radiologists in whatever field you enter so might as well start today!

Activities: pool party, Washington State Radiologic Society field trip, monthly radiology discussion/pizza night

Dues: None

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes

Contact: Phoebe Johnson

Reproductive Health Club

We promote safe sex, reproductive rights, family planning, and positive advocacy for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT)-identified individuals.  Our purpose is to increase education, awareness, and open discussion regarding issues of sexual health and birth control options and to support those within the medical community who are working to ensure the freedom of choice regarding reproductive health.

Activities: Our annual events take us to Naches High School where we help with the Sex Ed curriculum, as well as bringing in an OB/GYN to talk about the logistics and procedures of abortion care.

Dues: None

Open to Non-Medical Students? No.

Contact: Brittany Lore

SAAO - The OMT club

The purpose of the SAAO is to provide students with a way to enhance their OMT education at PNWU by participating in various different activities on campus and in the community.  Our mission is to encourage and educate on different ways osteopathic manipulation can be used in practice, as well as to help educate others on what the osteopathic profession is and the special tools we have to offer.

Activities: Meet and Treat, Staff demos for interviews, OMT at the Eagles and other community events, OMT speakers (OMT in the ER, OMT in Pediatrics, Visceral OMT) Booth for Run for Life, Auction at Kana Winery

Dues: $40- National (Optional), $10- local

Open to Non-Medical Students? They are invited to watch events, but are not allowed to perform OMT.

Contact: Paula Swiercz

Sigma Sigma Phi Gamma Delta Chapter

Sigma Sigma Phi is the only national osteopathic honor society.  Acceptance is based on academic achievement, community service, and leadership.  Our club is dedicated to leadership through service and academic excellence.

Activities: OMS I Mentorship Seminars, Be The Match, Take Back Your Meds Event, Homeless Outreach (clothing and food drive)

Dues: National - $50 (dues include entire medical school career)

Open to Non-Medical Students? No

Contact: Anna McElroy

Spanish Club

We are a group of students who want to develop and practice our skills in Spanish so that we can better serve our future patients.

Somos un grupo de estudiantes que quieren desarollar y practicar nuestros habilidades en español para que podamos mejor servir nuestros pacientes futuros. Y también nos gusta comer tacos!

Activities: Casa Hogar volunteering, translation practice, and Cinco de Mayo festival

Dues: None

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes

Contact: Jenna Gilbert

Student Advocate Association (SAA)

The Student Advocate Association (SAA) exists to provide support and education for spouses, family, and significant others of PNWU students. SAA hopes to provide both educational and social programs for members, as well as organize fundraisers for students, the Yakima community, and the University. Serving as a major outlet and resource for those supporting a medical student, SAA membership serves to form friendships, find support, build networks, promote and contribute to the community, and discover the exciting things Yakima has to offer. Please feel free to direct membership inquiries to

Student Association for Clinical and Anatomical Pathology (SACAP)

The mission of the SACAP is to form a bridge between osteopathic medicine and pathology in order to educate and provide all members with the opportunity to change the future of osteopathic orthopedic medicine by being well educated and experienced health care practitioners

Activities: TBA

Dues: None

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes.

Contact: TBD

Student Association of Military Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons (SAMOPS)

Our club serves as a resource for current and past military members, providing a supportive network between HPSP students and our peers interested in supporting the military and veterans of our community.

Activities: Lunch discussions about Military Medicine, Networking with past and present HPSP members, Volunteering with local veterans

Dues: None

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes

Contact: Elizabeth Kosanke

Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

SNMA is an interdisciplinary group of PNWU-COM students working together witlnthiga@pnwu.eduh the local and academic community to serve as a credible and accurate source of information relevant to minority issues in the field of medical education.  To encourage and foster the development of minority faculty in order to increase the presence of minority mentors and biomedical researchers in academic health centers.  To evaluate and cultivate the necessary measures to eradicate practices in the field of health profession education that compromises the goal of providing quality education to minorities and women.  To empower those in the community who feel less privileged and may not feel that they may be able to receive higher education.

Activities:  TBD

Dues:  None are required except at the national level

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes

ContactBilal Ahsan

Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA)

Soma shall:

  1. Educate and prepare osteopathic leaders and advocates.
  2. Maintain open and transparent lines of communication to our student members as we continually adapt to the evolving needs of our members and organization.
  3. Advance collaborative relationships that promote osteopathic medicine in the greater healthcare community.
  4. Utilize our direct affiliation with the AOA to advance the interests and viewpoints of osteopathic medical students.

Activities: Public Health Week

Dues: None - students are automatically enrolled at matriculation.

Open to Non-Medical Students? No

Contact: Monica Ketchum

Student Osteopathy Obstetricians and Gynecologists Association (SOOGA) - OBGYN Club

The SOOGA Club is a safe and nurturing club open to everyone. Some of the events sponsored by the SOOGA Club include: IUD insertion workshops, Essure Clinic, Sexual Health and Education, OMT for OB Patients, BLSO (Basic Life Support Obstetrics) Certification, and much, much more!

Activities: IUD Clinic, Essure Clinic, OB Simulation Activity, Caesarean Suture Clinic, and much much more!!

Dues: none

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes

Contact: Kelly Mallon

Veteran's Club

Supporting veterans in our community

Activities: TBA

Dues: None

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes.

Contact: Jon Hagen


Washington Physicians for Social Change

To educate and advocatefor the medical and broader health community, through education, collaboration and targeted communications; and to advocate for governmental and societal change at a regional, national and international level.

Activities: TBA

Dues: None

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes.

Contact: Hannah Schaefer

Wilderness Medicine Club

Our purpose is to provide an avenue for education of wilderness medicine and other outdoor skills, including first aid, search and rescue, survival, and other environmental concerns.

Activities: Guest speakers (critical incident stress management, high altitude cases, unique career paths in remote medicine, etc), on-site training opportunities and workshops (improvisation techniques, MCI training with EM, etc), plus member meetings, community events, other social/recreational events throughout the year.

Dues: $5

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes

Contact: Soni Kay

Women in Medicine

The mission of this club is to empower women in the medical field currently, have open conversations with our male peers, and inspire young women that they are capable of pursuing medicine as well.

Activities: AWS Bale Breaker Poster Presentation, Surgery Panel, Female Physician Panel, and more to come!

Dues: None

Open to Non-Medical Students? Yes

ContactVictoria Sefcsik

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