PNWU is committed to encouraging our students to be physically active.  
In an effort to encourage the physical fitness in our students, Student Affairs will reimburse all students (first year through fourth year) up to $20 per month toward a gym/fitness center membership. Students are required to turn in receipts showing fees and applicable months of participation.

OMS I and OMS II:  Reimbursement for the fall term (August-December)and reimbursement for the spring term (January-May) occurs at the end of each semester.

OMS III and OMS IV:  Reimbursement for the fall term (July-December) and reimbursement for the spring term (January-June) occurs at the end of each semester.

See the complete Fitness Reimbursement policy in the Student Handbook.

Fitness Reimbursement Form:
The fitness reimbursement form is made available at the end of the fall and spring semesters via the forms page. The reimbursement forms will be inactive any other time. Student Affairs will notify students when they are accepting fitness reimbursement forms online.

Acceptable Forms of Documentation:
Students are able to attach receipts or proof of payment to the fitness reimbursement form online. Acceptable forms of proof of payment include original receipts, copies or photos of receipts, and/or copies of bank statements showing automatic deductions.  The following information must be listed on the receipt:

  • Student First and Last Name
  • Name of gym or fitness center
  • Date
  • Amount of payment

If you are not sure if your gym membership or fitness activity would qualify for reimbursement, or if you have any questions regarding your fitness reimbursement, please contact Student Affairs at

Fitness Reimbursement FAQ

Am I able to submit receipts from multiple fitness centers?

Students are allowed to submit receipts from multiple fitness centers; however, Student Affairs will only reimburse a maximum of $20.00 per month.

How do I get my reimbursement?

Most students submitted a direct deposit form at matriculation, but if they did not, they can submit the form at any time.  If your bank has changed, you may need to submit a new form.  It usually takes approximately 1.5 months for the reimbursement to be deposited, as it has to go through student affairs and the finance department.

Are spouses, significant others, or family members eligible for Fitness Reimbursements?

Fitness reimbursements are only available for PNWU students and do not apply to spouses, significant others, or family members who are not PNWU students.  However, if a receipt is only in a non-student spouses name, the student must submit documentation showing that they are paying for a "joint" membership.  This can be in the form of a fitness contract or letter.

Am I eligible for reimbursements for fitness centers or yoga?

Yes, as long as you show receipt of your payment, and the receipt also contains the fitness centers name on the receipt along with the student name.  Students may be asked to submit documentation of eligibility period to determine how much the student should be reimbursed.

Am I eligible for reimbursements for other fitness programs that use punch cards, class packs, and one-time classes?

No, punch cards, class packs, and one-time classes will not be eligible for fitness reimbursement.

Am I eligible for reimbursements for ski passes or Discover passes?


Am I eligible for club/association memberships, such as hiking or mountain biking?


Do I get reimbursed $20.00 regardless of how much I paid for the membership?

No, we reimburse based on how much the student paid up to a maximum of $20.00.  Therefore, if a student only paid $9.99/month, then they would only be reimbursed $9.99/month.  If a student pays in advance, Student Affairs will break down the total amount into a monthly cost.  Student Affairs may request your fitness contract for clarification, if needed. 

Can I get reimbursed for participating in a Fieldhouse (league) activity (indoor soccer, etc.)?

No, because it is a league.

When will I receive my reimbursement?

Fitness reimbursements are directly deposited into the student's checking account approximately two months after the end of the semester.  PNWU will deposit into the account that was indicated on the students direct deposit form upon matriculation.  If a student has closed an account they may need to complete a new direct deposit form.

Can I submit phone apps or other apps?

No. The payment and use of apps are difficult to properly track, therefore, we do not accept them.

Do we accept online fitness subscriptions?

No. Online fitness, such as Yoga and Beach Body, is hard to track the use and payment of, therefore, we do not accept them.