Complaint Regarding Student Ethical Misconduct or Lack of Professionalism

Form to allow students who are not comfortable raising issues directly with the person(s) involved to report concerns. Most concerns relate to unethical behavior of a compliance nature, excluding Title IX issues.


The purpose of this form is to allow those not comfortable raising issues directly with another individual, or those who have attempted to voice concerns without a productive outcome, to report concerns. In most circumstances, it is expected the first course of action will be to speak with the other person directly.  Most concerns relate to unethical behavior of a compliance nature.  A person making a complaint will not be penalized nor suffer retribution for submitting a concern. Please document your concern in a factual, professional manner.

Submit an Ethical Misconduct  Complaint

Submissions are sent to Student Affairs, and directed to the appropriate individual and/or department.

IF YOU HAVE A TITLE IX CONCERN, please click on the following link: Title IX Report Form and you will be redirected to another Jotform.  You may also contact Erin Murphy, CHRO (Title IX Coordinator) at 509-249-7714 or

IF YOU HAVE FACILITIES REQUESTS OR CONCERNS, regarding temperature settings in the buildings, please follow the steps below: 

  1. View this short, 4-minute how-to tutorial from MaintenanceDirect, to learn how to register:
  2. Login to register. Remember – scroll down to “Never Submitted a Request? Register Here!”
  3. Once signed in; submit a work order by clicking on the tab “New Work Order.”
  4. Questions along the way – contact Barb (x7704 or

Once you have finished the tutorial, submit your request through the following link:  School Dude