Department of Clinical Medicine

Department of Clinical Medicine
Division of Dermatology
Division of Emergency Medicine
Division of Pediatrics
Division of Woman's Health


Clinical Medicine Department

Anita Showalter, DO
Chair of Clinical Medicine Dept.
Chief of Women's Health

Wade Justice, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine

Michael Scott, DO, MPH
Chief of Dermatology
Professor of Clinical Medicine

Melissa Lemp, DO
Chief of Pediatrics
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine

Elizabeth McMurtry, DO
Chief of Emergency Medicine
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine

Course Offered

CLIN 504 Musculoskeletal & Integumentary System
CLIN 510 Cardiovascular System
CLIN 512 Respiratory System
CLIN 603 Genitourinary/Reproductive System
CLIN 604 Board Exam Preparation
CLIN 616 Renal System
CLIN 618 Behavioral Medicine
CLIN 625 Hematology/Oncology/Infectious Disease
CLIN 627 Gastrointestinal System
CLIN 628 Nervous System
CLIN 629 Endocrine System 
BEHSC 701 (Core) Behavioral Medicine
EM 701 (Core) Emergency Medicine
IM 701 (Core) Internal Medicine
IM 702 (Core) Internal Medicine
OBGYN 701 (Core) Women's Health
SURG 701 (Core) Surgery
PEDS 701 (Core) Pediatrics
PEDS 702 (Core) Pediatrics
IM 703 (Elective) Allergy & Immunology
IM 704 (Elective) Cardiovascular Disease
IM 705 (Elective) Dermatology
IM 706 (Elective) Endocrinology
IM 707 (Elective) Wound Care
IM 708 (Elective) Gastroenterology
IM 709 (Elective) Geriatrics
IM 710 (Elective) Hematology/Oncology
IM 711 (Elective) Infectious Disease
IM 712 (Elective) Nephrology
IM 713 (Elective) Neurology
IM 715 (Elective) Pulmonary
IM 716 (Elective) Intensive Care
IM 717 (Elective) Rheumatology & Immunology
IM 719 (Elective) Internal Medicine Elective
IM 727 (Elective) Physical Medicine & Rehab
IM 801 (Elective) Internal Medicine Sub-I
OBGYN 702 (Elective) Women's Health Elective
OBGYN 801 (Elective) Women's Health Sub-I
PEDS 703 (Elective) Adolescent Medicine
PEDS 704 (Elective) Pediatric Elective
PEDS 705 (Elective) Neonatology
PEDS 707 (Elective) Newborn Elective
PEDS 801 (Elective) Pediatric Sub-I

For detailed course descriptions, please check the Student Catalog.