Student Onboarding Information

Onboarding information for student employees of PNWU.

Student Onboarding Information

PNWU employs students as tutors, small group tutors, recitations leaders, teacher’s assistants, research assistants, library assistants and IT classroom liaisons. 

HR needs to enroll you on payroll so please complete the onboarding module through Paylocity. You will have received an email from Paylocity to do so.

Once HR receives your completed onboarding, you will be enrolled for student employment. 

The pay period calendar can be found here Pay Period Calendar.

Time and attendance is managed by an electronic system within Paylocity. Once you are fully onboarded and hired in the system you can access the system at: You can pick up your pay stubs and W2, request time off, submit a timesheet (for hourly employees), update your information and much more within Paylocity.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS for TUTORING POSITIONS - When you enter your work time, you will:

  • “Hourly”: $13.50/hour for tutoring 1 student
    • For 1:1 tutoring work enter your start and end time in time card.
    • Choose “COM-Pre-Clinical Education” for the department if it is not already the default under the cost center selections drop down menu.
    • “Small Group”:  $15, for small groups, up to 2-4 students
    • “Recitation”  :$20, large groups, 5+
    For Small Group and Recitation tutoring work, log grand total hours for the day and make a note of time in the notes section in the time card. Under the transfer column, select the correct department that you will be charging the hours to if COM-Pre-Clinical Education is not already the default cost center.

Note:  You are paid for the time in session, prep time is not included


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