Employee Benefits

Full description of the employee benefits at PNWU. Contact hr@pnwu.edu for more details.


PNWU’s Human Resources team is available to help new and prospective employees understand their options. Contact us at hr@pnwu.edu

Most benefits are available the first of the month following date of hire for eligible employees .5 FTE (full-time equivalent) or greater. Full-time status is defined as working .7 FTE or greater.

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403(b) with a 5% match, plus a 4% profit-sharing plan.


  • Match: PNWU matches participant deferrals up to 5% of compensation
  • Profit-Share: PNWU contributes 4% of compensation for all eligible employees ​​​​
  • Participant: Participants .5 FTE or greater may elect to defer up to 100% of gross wages not to exceed $19,500 if under age 50 and $26,000 if age 50 or older 

PNWU 403(b) Employer Match and Profit-Share Contribution Illustration

Participant Deferral Employer Match: 100%
up to 5%
Employer Profit Sharing: 3%  Total Contribution (all sources): as a % of
1% 1% 4% 6%
2% 2% 4% 8%
3% 3% 4% 10%
4% 4% 4% 12%
5% 5% 4% 14%
6% 5% 4% 15%
7% 5% 4% 16%


  • Employee Deferrals: 1st day of employment for those .5 FTE and greater
  • Employer Matching: Employee must be age 21 or older and .5 FTE or greater
  • Employer Profit-Share: Employee must be at least 21 years old AND employed for six consecutive months with a minimum of 500 hours of service


  • Employee Deferrals: Participants will always be 100% vested in salary deferrals
  • Employer Matching: Participants will become 100% vested in employer matching contributions at the completion of three-years of service
  • Employer Profit-Sharing: Participants will become 100% vested in employer profit-sharing contributions at the completion of three-years of service

Vesting schedule is as follows:

Years of Service     Vested %
1 0%
2 0%
3 100%


The PNWU 403(b) retirement benefit includes an automatic enrollment and escalation feature. The automatic enrollment feature provides for automatic salary deferral savings at 5% of an eligible participants’ compensation beginning on the first pay period following 60 days of employment and applies only to those individuals who do not affirmatively elect to participate in the 403(b) or decline to participate. Further, the initial deferral percentage (5%) will be increased by 1% each subsequent year until the respective participants’ deferral rate reaches 10% of compensation. As with the initial deferral rate, this feature will only apply to individuals who do not affirmatively elect to participate in the 403(b) or decline to participate. If automatically enrolled, each participants’ deferrals will be placed into an account in their name and invested into a default investment which will be linked to their current and normal retirement age. Participants will have access to and may change deferral rates and investment elections at any time.

Vacation and Sick Time

Full-time employees (faculty do not accrue vacation time) earn vacation time equal to 12 hours per month, and sick time equal to eight hours per month. Part-time employees .5 FTE to .69 FTE earn half the accrual of full-time employees. Employees less than .5 FTE earn 1 hour of sick time for every 40 hours of work.

Employees can request a one-time cash out of up to 40 hours of vacation per year, maximum $2500.

Education Advancement & Professional Development

After a year, any employee .5 FTE or greater may apply for available funds of up to 60% of tuition and fees for bachelor's, master's, and doctorates. Other programs may be approved on a case-by-case basis. 

Each department also sets aside professional development and travel funds. 


As a non-profit osteopathic medical school, PNWU cares about the whole person. We offer several defined wellness benefits, as well as employee-led wellness activities such as yoga lunch hours, themed BBQs, and the occasional basketball and soccer pick-up games. 

Fitness Memberships

Faculty and staff, .5 FTE or greater, who attend a club, class or program dedicated to fitness or health receive up to $20/month reimbursement.


Employees at .5 FTE or greater and their families are eligible for free confidential counseling equal to three in-person visits per issue, per year, per individual. Unlimited toll-free phone access and online resources are also available.


Ten holidays, plus a winter break between Christmas and New Year's.

All benefit eligible employees receive holiday pay pro-rated for .5 to 1.0 FTE.

New Year's Day
Martin Luther King Jr.
President's Day
Memorial Day 
Independence Day
Labor Day
Veterans Day
Day After Thanksgiving
Christmas Day
Winter Break between Chrismas and New Year's, at the president's discretion

Life Insurance and Long-Term Disability

Life insurance and long term disability is provided to eligible employees at no cost.

Life Insurance

  • Life insurance benefit: 1x base annual earnings, max issue of $100,000
  • Accidental death & dismemberment" 1x base annual earnings

Benefit reduction schedule: 35% at age 70; 50% at age 75; benefit terminates at retirement

Accelerated benefit provision: 80% of benefit

Long-Term Disability

Monthly Benefit 60% of basic monthly earnings
Max Monthly Benefit $6,000
Min Monthly Benefit greater of $100 or 10%
Elimination Period 90 days
Benefit Duration to age 65 SSNRA
Definition of Disability own occupation for the benefit duration
Definition of Earnings base monthly earnings + commissions
Pre-Existing Condition Limit 3 month look back/12 month wait
Survivor Benefit 3 months
23-Month Benefit Limit applies to mental illness, chemical dependency, and self-reported conditions
Partial Disability Included


Medical, Vision, Dental

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Health Savings Account (HSA) plans available. Vision and dental plans for employees and families are also available. 

See our 2020-2021 Benefits Guide for detailed information on our plans.