Frequently Asked Questions for PNWU COVID-19 Reopening Plan


FAQ's for COVID-19 Reopening Plan


  • Face Coverings. The plan references masks throughout but can any face covering be used that is not a mask?

Yes. Masks include face coverings, surgical and cloth masks. Students will be required to use surgical masks during labs. N95 masks available for construction and agricultural workers should not be used.


  • Concerns re: supervisor inquiring about student/staff health information. When an employee or student feels ill or develops symptoms, who should they report that to?

They should report to their direct supervisor or if a student to student affairs, but are not required to share personal health information. For additional guidance or if unsure, individuals should check with the occupational nurse. Supervisors and Student Affairs should not inquire about their symptoms but instead guide individuals through any required reporting process.


  • Notifying groups when an individual has tested positive. How will I be notified if someone on campus and/or within my work group has been exposed to COVID-19?  When an individual tests positive for COVID-19 and it is reported to the occupational nurse and COVID-19 supervisor, a notification will go out informing individuals there has been an exposure. The notification will not disclose who tested positive. The COVID-19 supervisor will work to clean and disinfect the area while the occupational nurse will give direction for anyone possibly exposed to monitor their symptoms, next steps, etc.


  • Student Study Space Requests. What about students who want to study on campus?

Decisions about student study on campus will be prioritized based on things such as internet accessibility and distractions in the home environment. Requests for an assigned study space should be made through Student Affairs.  Additional on campus study space will be available to all students through a scheduling portal.  Social distancing and other on-campus requirements remain in effect.


  • Anatomy Lab Closure. Will the Anatomy Lab be available outside lab hours for studying?

The decision to keep it closed when not in use is supported.


  • Assigned Office Spaces. Will individual office spaces become shared spaces? If so, do I need to remove my personal items?

No. We are not asking people to share individual office spaces at this time. If you would like to obtain your personal items, you should submit a request to your immediate supervisor and the COVID-19 supervisor to schedule a time to do so. Once scheduled, you will need to go through the screening process.


  • Home Office Needs. If I am going to be working from home for the foreseeable future, is there a way I can bring office equipment and supplies home from my office?

Yes. Staff are welcome to retrieve needed office equipment items i.e. computer monitor and other supplies if needed. If you have specific I.T. equipment related questions, contact the help desk. Otherwise, coordinate the office visit with your direct supervisor and the COVID-19 supervisor.


  • Home Office Supply Reimbursements. Are supplies such as paper, ink and printing costs reimbursed? 

Yes, on a limited basis. Before printing, staff should consider if a document is required to be printed.


  • Staff Entry. If I work in IHL or Watson, where do I check in for screening?

All staff check-in at the BHH front desk regardless of your work location.


  • Student Late Check-in. I am a student and I’ve arrived late for the screening and check-in process. No screeners are at the student entry. Where do I go?

Students who are late should report to the BHH front desk and notify the screener they are a student. It is important, however, that students report to their designated screening locations as scheduled and on time.


  • Off Campus Considerations. I work with external partners and they are requesting me to physically come to their location. If their reopening plans are in conflict with PNWU’s reopening plans, who do I talk to for advice about traveling to their locations? Am I allowed to travel to their location?

You should reach out to the Infection Control Prevention Program Group and/or refer to the PNWU COVID-19 Temporary Policy and review the travel recommendation.


  • PNWU Level Designation. Is there an easy way to learn what level designation we are at? Will it be posted somewhere?

Yes, we will post our level status on the PNWU website and update when needed.