Project NEXT FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Project NEXT

When will the building be finished?

The exterior of the building is scheduled to be completed before the end of 2018.  Interior walls will be added as the occupants of the building are determined.

What happens to our community gardening beds during this construction?

Raised garden beds will be constructed for temporary placement at the south end of the grass field, behind Butler Haney Hall, in time for a spring planting.  These beds are being relocated to accommodate community gardening during the construction project, and a final location for the beds will be determined later in the project.

Why does the construction zone seem to be growing?

The extension of various infrastructure systems, including internet and irrigation, required temporary trenches to be excavated.  Once those projects are complete the fences will be repositioned around the footprint of the building.

What is going to happen to the grass-covered recreation area?

An area close to the size of a full soccer field will be available for exercise and recreation throughout the project.  Upon completion, decisions on how and where to expand the grass will be made.

How do we make up for the lost parking area?

Parking is currently available outside of the construction fence on the gravel area.  In addition to those spaces, new parking slots will be added to the west of the Cadwell Building in the near future.  These new slots will actually increase parking capacity on campus.

How do we keep up with all of the latest information about Project NEXT?

The latest information on Project NEXT will be posted to our website at PNWU.EDU/Project-next. Visit the website to see the latest developments with the project, read updates and hear the latest news on Project NEXT. Reminders will be provided within The Grapevine on this source of information.

Coming soon: two live-view cameras on the project, where you'll be able to watch the ongoing action from anywhere!

Contact Information

Michele Erickson
Chief Development Officer

Kaitlyn Porter
Director of Annual Giving

Lottie Parker
Assistant Director of Foundation Relations

Lesley Kerns
Donor Relations/Events Manager

Lauri Roberson
Advancement Services Manager

Alexa Dodd
Administrative Assistant