PNWU Strategic Plan

The PNWU 2014-2020 Strategic Plan

PNWU Forward 2020-2025

The PNWU Forward 2020-2025 Strategic Plan resulted from more than a year of university- and community-wide discussion and analysis, and focuses commitment toward a shared vision through three priorities, identified in the graphic below.

PNWU strategic planning is designed to be dynamic; the priorities and goals of the five-year plan are reviewed each spring and operationalized through annual documents (Year 1 Plan, Year 2 Plan, etc.). The yearly plans provide more detail and reflect progress as goals are reached and new goals are identified. At the end of each fiscal/academic year, a retrospective report illustrates the level to which each goal was accomplished, and summarizes the activities and products associated with each goal. The plans and yearly reports are provided, as they become available, in the quick navigation area to the right.

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Contact Information

Edward Bilsky, PhD
Provost and Chief Academic Officer

Ann Acob
Academic Coordinator
Executive Assistant to the Provost

111 University Parkway, Suite 202
Yakima, WA 98901