MAMS Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

How many MAMS students are admitted to health/medical professional schools yearly? 

Out of a typically class of 30 students, 28 will apply to professional schools, while 2 will decide for personal reasons to wait a year.  Out of the 28 that apply for admission to professional schools, 22-26 historically are admitted.   The remainder quickly reapply and may be admitted.  Since the MAMS program’s inception in 2012, approximately 90% of graduates who have applied to heath professional schools gained admission.  

What percent score in SciFOM do I need to be guaranteed an interview at PNWU-COM? 

MAMS students that score at the D.O. class average (usually around 80%) or above are guaranteed interviews at with PNWU-COM provided all standard application and admission requirements are completed.

MAMS students who earn an 80% or higher on the SciFOM final exam usually request credit by examination for the BIOMED 501 course of the PNWU-COM Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine program, if admitted for the following fall.

Can a good SciFOM score overcome a less than stellar grade point average? 

Yes, the PNWU-COM admissions committee puts considerable emphasis on the SciFOM score. The student’s cumulative grade point average in the overall program is also examined. 

Can a SciFOM score overcome a less than stellar MCAT score? 

Yes, the PNWU-COM admissions committee places considerable weight on the SciFOM score. MAMS students that have a highest MCAT score below 496 are strongly encouraged to retake the exam in January of the application year.  The goal is to score 500 or above on the  MCAT.  The MAMS program offers group and individualized tutoring to facilitate preparation for the MCAT. 

What happens if I get a 75-79% SciFOM score? 

PNWU-COM interviews may be granted on a case by case basis as a holistic approach to applicants review is taken.  MAMS student grades in Medical Skills and Theory I/II, Human Anatomy, Anatomy, Pharmacogenomics, and Research Theory courses/learning modules as well as the MCAT score become increasingly important and give students another chance to show readiness for readiness for professional school. 

I do not have a physician letter of recommendation. Will I meet physicians during the MAMS program that can write me a letter of recommendation? 

Yes, MAMS students will be exposed to physicians through the Health Professions I/II and Medical Skills I/II courses. Also, MAMS students in this situation may be introduced to a potential physician mentor.  

Will I get the chance to be involved in PNWU extracurricular activities?

Yes, MAMS students may participate in clubs, organizations, grand round seminars, student government, and interprofessional education experiences.  Participation level and timing will be guided by the MAMS Program Director to insure that student academic and overall success is optimized.  

Will I have the opportunity to be involved in community service work or volunteer opportunities? 

Yes, MAMS students will be encouraged to perform community service remotely with organizations of interest.  Participation level and timing will be guided by the MAMS Program Director to insure that student academic and overall success is optimized. 

How should I interact with faculty and staff? 

Faculty should be addressed as Doctor or Professor.  In all interactions, please be professional, pleasant, concise, do not be not be overly familiar, nor confrontational.  All personnel should be treated as you would want to be treated.  You have a year to get to know individuals.  You are responsible for the impression created.  Take every opportunity to put your best foot forward.

Can I apply to other professional or medical schools besides PNWU? 

Yes, you are encouraged to apply to any and all professional or medical schools that you are interested in.  Please also use your MAMS experience to explore other career opportunities such as becoming a pharmacist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, dentist, or physician assistant.   Our goal is to facilitate your admittance to the health professional school of your choice.