Paying for School

Paying for school may be one of the most daunting challenges facing you today, but should not deter you from achieving your goals. The tips below are meant to assist you with identifying your costs, help with budgeting, provide ideas on how to pay without going deeper into debt, and how to make the best decisions when it comes to borrowing.  

Investigate Loan Repayment Assistance Programs in Return for Services That Are Available After You Graduate

Community Resources

It is important to know what resources are available in your community and where to get good deals. The links below will assist you in finding local food banks, energy assistance, housing assistance, child care, etc. Be sure to also check with your church and talk to other PNWU students. Carpool to the grocery store and divide up big-box items (such as Costco). Clip coupons and share with other students. Get creative—it will pay off!

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Resource Links