Student Ethics Board

PNWU-COM Student Board of Ethics and Professionalism is a student board charged with reviewing reported ethical or professional misconduct complaints. This board is the product of our student’s desire to hold their peers to professional standards and behavior necessary to be a successful physician. The board is composed of students from all four years and reviews matters including but not limited to: dress code violations; study space issues; social mediation involving school activities; issues relating to inappropriate dissemination of material among students; and to review issues of proper and ethical use of new technologies not yet identified in the student handbook.

Students can report a concern using the electronic form below. The purpose of this form is to allow students who are not comfortable raising issues directly with the person(s) involved, report concerns.

PNWU Honor Code



Adherence to an honor code will promote the growth and development of health care professionals at Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences.  We therefore commit to the following:

Pledge of Academic Standards

  • Students will neither give nor receive aid in examinations or independent class work. 
  • Students will not represent others’ work as their own.
  • Students will abide by academic standards as put forth by each class instructor.

Pledge of Professionalism

  • Students will appreciate and respect the diverse perspectives of peers, faculty, and the community at large.
  • Students will conduct themselves as ambassadors to the community from PNWU.
  • Students will treat others with respect.

Pledge of Community Obligation

  • Students understand that the integrity of the honor code is predicated upon agreement of the entire student body to uphold the spirit and the letter of the honor code.

Charge to Uphold

  • Students’ first obligation is to directly approach peers concerning perceived transgressions.
    • In the event a student cannot fulfill the above obligation, they may ask a member of the student body to act as their proxy. 
  • Students understand that failure to report indiscretions constitutes an infraction in kind.
  • Students’ final resource by which to report honor code violations is the Associate Dean for Medical Student Affairs. 

Honor Code PDF with Seal

Created and Implemented in April, 2010 by:

The Student Government of the College of Osteopathic Medicine Inaugural Class 2012

Report a Concern (Confidential)

The purpose of this form is to allow students who are not comfortable raising issues directly with the person(s) involved, report concerns. Most concerns relate to unethical behavior of a compliance nature. A student will not be penalized, or fear retribution, for documenting a concern as long as it is done in a reasonable, professional manner.

Confidential Form to Report a Concern