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Digital Measures
Track and manage professional activities.

Access rotation scheduling, evaluations, immunization records, and more.

Deliver online secure testing and rubric assessments.

Provides online Human Resources training.

Access course materials, grades, and more.

Access virtual patient cases.

Review lecture recordings according to your own pace.

Track academic progress.

View grade reports, transcripts, student account, financial aid, and missing requirements.

Share and collaborate documents.


Learning Skills Support

At PNWU, Dr. Rica Amity serves as a member of the College of Osteopathic Medicine Student Affairs Department in the capacity as Learning Skills Specialist. She works individually with students to address learning needs. She also manages the Tutoring and Recitation Program. Dr. Amity passionately supports PNWU’s mission to train health care professionals emphasizing service among rural and medically underserved communities.

Application to Lead a Recitation
Application to Offer Tutoring Services 
Application to Seek Tutoring (OMS1)
Application to Seek Remote Tutoring (OMS2)
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Recitation or Tutoring Room Request