Profile PhotoJeffrey Novack, PhD

Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences

Dr. Jeff Novack earned his Ph.D. in pharmacology from the University of Washington School of Medicine (Department of Pharmacology) in signal transduction (lab of Dr. Joe Beavo). He did post-doctoral research in immunology and tyrosine kinase signaling at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center (lab of Dr. John Cooper). He taught pharmacology, immunology, infectious disease, and pathology at the medical school level for 13 years. He most recently was a tenured faculty at Bellevue College, where he taught anatomy and physiology, microbiology, cell biology, and nutrition. Dr. Novack joined the faculty at PNWU in September of 2012 and has taught immunology, portions of pathology, and pharmacology. He has done research on the effects of PSK on immune function in mice and humans and is interested in the effect of natural products on the innate and adaptive immunity and on inflammation. He likes to hike (has climbed all of the volcanoes in Washington state), bike, fish, cook and do polar bear swims in the winter.

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